8 Health Warnings Your Fingernails May Be Sending


Excellent health does not imply only having a great body, eating right and exercising. It may come as a surprise, but your fingernails can be one of the key pointers to a bad health. Here are some of those things:

Our nails, when look at the can seem very different: you may notice, white spots, change in color, cracks or bumps and others. These things usually do not matter but they can be extremely essential when it comes to your fingernails’ health.Because of that only a medic may notice these changes.

If you put your hand in front of your nose and examine nail after nail you can notice the thickness or thinness of your nails, their shape, shade and surface. Try to detect any differences in them. It is very important for you to spot and acknowledge these changes because they are the most common indicator of other health problems.

The 8 most frequent alerts are:

1. Ridges:

The normal nail is usually flat and smooth and does not have visible ridges on it. These ridges may indicate various problems with your health such as:

  • -- Lupus ( red lines occurring at the root of your nail)
  • -- Iron deficiency
  • -- Inflammation such as arthritis
  • Vertical and horizontal ridges are both not to be overseen.

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