8 Common Health Problems That Can Be Treated With 2 Tbsp of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt was discovered in 1860 in Epsom, England, and has been constantly used in various ways since then.  This natural salt can significantly ease life and naturally treat various ailments and health issues.

This salt is a naturally occurring mineral, known as magnesium sulfate, that is easily absorbed through the skin, and has various different uses, including:

Muscle Pain

Epsom salt baths relieve muscle pain. 

Ease Joint Pain

Since it is high in magnesium and sulfates, an Epsom salt bath will easily soothe the pain in the joints and muscles.


This salt soothes headaches and relaxes the body.

Foot Scrub

Prepare a mixture of olive oil, Epsom salt, and Castile soap that you will use at least two times a week and notice the difference in your smooth feet. Bye-bye dry, cracked heels!

Face Scrub

Add a bit of Epsom salt to your face cream and use the mixture to massage the face. Rinse with lukewarm water. 

Greasy Hair

This salt will effectively treat greasy hair and eave it shiny and healthy. Just add a teaspoon of the salt to your shampoo.

Fertilize Your Fruits

Add a teaspoon of Epsom salt to the soil and it will boost the growth of your produce, and make your fruits grow brighter and higher.

Clean Your Bathroom

Mix Epsom salt and liquid soap in equal amounts, and use the mixture to clean the bathroom, from tiles and walls to the sink and bathtub.

Therefore, despite using it as a powerful natural medicine, Epsom salt can also be used in your household and garden!

WebMD provides precise guidelines on how to take an Epsom salt bath:

“The water should be very warm — not hot, but comfortable to the touch. Add the Epsom salt while the water is running to help it dissolve. For a standard-sized tub, use the amount suggested on the package, usually 1 to 2 cups, or the amount recommended by your doctor. Don’t use Epsom salt in a hot tub, whirlpool, or other tub with jets unless the manufacturer says it’s OK. Keep the part of your body that hurts in the water for at least 12 minutes. Just relax.”

Don’t wait, and replace all the commercial products you previously used to address these issues with this natural miracle and reap its advantageous properties!