7 Things We Should Never, Ever Take For Granted

Life is a wonderful journey but only for those who can appreciate even the smallest things in it. Being grateful for all you have in a given moment is the biggest wisdom in life.

Time is finite and precious, so make sure you appreciate every single moment and be happy that you are alive.

Yet, overwhelmed by the numerous problems and responsibilities that arise with the new day, we often end up unaware that we have so many reasons to be happy.

You should never take the following things for granted:

1. Health and the ability to walk

You can stand up and go whenever you like. Unfortunately, many people are confined to their beds or wheelchairs, while you can go wherever you need to.

Take a moment and imagine how different your life would be if you were not able to leave your bed due to an illness or some health condition. Health should never be taken for granted.

2. The sound of our children’s voices

All parents wish their children were quieter at times, but believe me, you will miss their loudness when they grow up. Let their noise remind you that you are blessed for having them.

3. A conversation with our parents

Don’t forget that many would give everything they have just to have a chance to hear the voice of their parents once more time. Your parents won’t be here forever, so use every opportunity to connect to them.

4. Family time

Nowadays, we are all staying at home, and I know that many of you curse the universe for having to spend the entire time in the company of your parents or even grandparents. Yet, use this opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones, as many others don’t have that.

They don’t have the time, or the family, or the home to enjoy it. Even when you relatives push your buttons, you should know that at the basis of a family is love, and you should always appreciate them.

5. Clean water

Water is one of the things that we take for granted most often. But do you know that more than 780 million people around the world don’t have safe and clean drinking water?

Remember them next time you turn on the tap and fill the glass with this miraculous liquid.  You are lucky if you can meet all your necessities in life.

6. Food

Eating healthy foods is a privilege. Sadly, food is a privilege for many too, as more than 820 million people around the world go to bed hungry every night. Therefore, be grateful for every single item you put on your table.

7. Having a home

A living place is fortunately just a norm for many of us, and we often take it for granted. You are bored at home? Huh, I bet there are millions of homeless people who would like to enjoy at least one night in a warm, cozy bed!

Don’t forget that the roof above your head is a luxury for many. Having a safe and clean home for you and your family is something you should never take for granted, ever.

We all want more in life, but in the struggle to achieve success, remember to never take these things for granted. You are fortunate to have them, and be grateful for it every single day. The things we often take for granted are in someone else’s prayers.