7 Secrets to Never Tell Anyone About Your Personal Life

We all love honest and open people, but apparently, mystery is the spice of life.  If you wear your heat on the sleeve, you have probably already felt the disadvantages of such attitude in life, as not everyone has good intentions.

Sometimes, people use the information they know about us in order to hurt us, or at least, achieve their own goals.  It is not easy, but it is wise to make a clear distinction between your personal life and your professional life. 

Many of our deepest secrets and desires, as well as actions, should never be shared in public, as they are best protected if they reside inside our souls. Moreover, oversharing is not necessary for bonding, but it can often lead to numerous problems.

Here are some things that we advise you to keep for yourself, and never share them with the rest of the world:

1. Family Problems

Keep the problems in the family, and do not abuse the secrets of your relatives if they confided in you. Respect other people’s secrets, and never break the confidence people have in you.

According to Power Of Positivity:

“It is disrespectful and unwise to bring stories of conflicts within your family to others. It devalues you as a person and can bring ridicule to your family. Often, such stories are passed on until, down the line, the true story has changed completely. Problems in the home are best resolved in the home; keep family issues within the confines of your home and loved ones.”

2. Past Resentments

No matter how deeply certain negative stories hurt you in the past, it is time to let go of those feelings, and not discuss them in public. Negativity is exhausting, and people who listen to you find it tiring just like you feel bad while recounting. Instead, focus on the present moment, and laws bring positivity in the conversations with other people.

3. Income

Money is not a subject to talk about in public, and as soon as you reveal your financial situation, people start looking at you differently without being able to help it. Therefore, keep such information to you, and save yourself from any unpleasant situations.

According to Sundeep Kataria, an avid practitioner of meditation, spirituality, and self-development:

“The harsh fact is that we live in a materialistic world where people constantly judge each other based on income and financial worth. Sadly, other qualities like education, talents, simple living, spirituality are not attached much value.  Even most fair individuals will succumb to judging without even thinking about it.

We all want success and not a failure. In this world, the most superficial form of success is money.  You may prefer to have true friends who do not judge you on the basis of how much money and wealth you have. Rather let there be friendship, bonding, and relationship of you being a true human being and your value system.”

4. Material Belongings

Even though you have an urge to brag about your newest belongings, distant trips, or exclusive jewelry, keep those things for yourself, as you might sound arrogant and obsessed with the monetary value of things. Try to be modest, and people will love it.

5. Enlightenment 

Regardless of your choice, meditation, mindfulness, religion, or sports, you should not force it to others, and should not talk about it. You will not convince anyone to share your beliefs no matter how much you try to explain how good it is.

6. Good Deeds

You should never stop doing good, but you should never brag about it. You don’t need to be in the center of attention nor get any public appreciation for the things you do, as you will feel emotionally fulfilled after a charitable deed.

7. Future Goals

If you do not share your long-term goals with others, you are much more likely to achieve them. Namely, when you admit your aspirations, you feel the enjoyment as if you have succeeded, and you work less afterward.

There will always be conversations that you can have in certain, controlled environments, and things that should remain secret, so make sure you always make this distinction and protect yourself and your loved ones from any unpleasant situations.

Source: www.powerofpositivity.com