7 Bad Habits That Cause Belly Fat !

No matter how hard you try, your belly fat is still here? Maybe it is because you practice these 7 bad habits.

To get rid of it, you just need to do the opposite of what you read below.

1. You Often Drink Soft Drinks

Just 1-2 glasses of soft drink daily accelerates the creation of belly fat for 5 times, compared to those who drink fresh juices. The forbidden category also includes “diet” soft drinks.

2. Eating From A Large Dish

Always carefully choose the plate you eat from. Eating from a large dish gives you the feeling that you have eaten less, compared to a small, but packed dish.

3. You Eat Late At Night

Even though it is true that the body burns calories while sleeping, it will not be efficient enough if you go to bed right after your meal. This can cause indigestion, meaning deposition of unburned fat.

4. You Eat When You Are Sad, Angry Or Upset

Next time you try to calm yourself with food, remember that actually you are not hungry, but upset. Instead of a quick meal, drink a glass of juice or water, talk to your friends and or out.


5. You Often Eat Low-Fat Food

Some people live with the believe that full-fat foods are responsible for the fat deposition. The truth is different. Olive oil and avocado are actually amazingly efficient if your goal is to get rid of belly fat.

Low-fat products are usually packed with sugar, so take them off your menu immediately.

6. Insufficient Sleep

Adult and physically active people should sleep 7-9 hours every night. Insufficient sleep increases cortisol levels and thus the need for junk food to comfort you.

7. Insufficient Protein Intake

Adults should include 20-25 g of protein in each meal, but this still depends on your physical activity and weight. By increasing the protein intake you can balance the blood sugar level and reduce the insulin levels, which boosts your metabolism.