6 Tricks to Deal with Hot Flashes Naturally

If you’re a woman, there are certain facts that you have to accept, and one of them is that you will eventually go through the change.

Menopause is a part of life for all women, and it can be very difficult to deal with the changes the come along with it. One of the biggest challenges that many women have a difficult time dealing with during this time of life is hot flashes.

Businesswoman in office with computer and fan cooling off

Hot flashes are marked by an extreme rise in your body temperature, which actually cause you to sweat and feel extremely uncomfortable. Though their cause isn’t exactly known, it is a result of the hormones that are going out of whack in your body, and these flashes can be downright debilitating.

What Triggers Hot Flashes

Every woman who experiences hot flashes experiences them in a different way, and there are different things that can trigger them; however, some of the most common triggers include:

  • Consuming alcoholic beverages
  • Drinking products that contain caffeine
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Being in a location that has a high temperature
  • Feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Smoking or being exposed to smoke
  • Wearing clothing that fits tightly

To help you figure out what triggers your hot flashes, keep a journal and document the setting you are in when the hot flashes come on.

Finding Relief Naturally

There are medications that can be prescribed to reduce hot flashes; however, you may not want to take those medications. If that’s the case, take comfort in knowing that you can find relief naturally. Here are six different ways that you can combat the effects of hot flashes naturally:

Sip iced cold water. It may sound like a simple remedy, but it really does work. Drinking ice cold water and you’ll feel great relief from your hot flashes.

Keep ice nearby. Keep an ice pack within easy reach. When you feel a hot flash coming on, apply the ice pack to the back of your neck and you’ll feel a marked improvement in your temperature.

Dress in layers. This is another simple way to combat the effects of hot flashes. By wearing layers, you can easily adjust your clothing to how you are feeling. When a hot flash comes on, you can remove layers until you are comfortable.

Wear cotton. Avoid wearing synthetic materials, as they don’t breathe well. Instead, opt for clothing that is made out of cotton, as it breathes much better and will make you feel a lot cooler.

Black cohosh. Many have found relief when taking this herb, but do talk to your doctor before taking it as it can have negative effects on the liver.

Red clover. This is another herb that can combat the symptoms of hot flashes, but again, speak with your doctor before taking it as it can increase your chance of bleeding.