6 Activities To Do To Lose Big Tummy In a Week

We all dream of that flat belly. It makes us look more attractive, not to mention the health benefits it provides, including decreased cholesterol level and lower risk of heart disease.

The following tips will help you get a nice and flat belly in a very short time:


1. Avoid Sodium

Salt retains more fluid in the body. Avoid salty foods with high sodium content, especially those microwave meals. Replace those with some healthy chicken salad or turkey sandwich for lunch. Try to eat more fruits and veggies, and do not add salt to your meals.

2. Low-Carb Diet

Bagels and pasta sure taste amazing, but they are not your best friend if you are trying to lose weight. Eat eggs and protein-loaded foods for breakfast, and you can also eat more low-fat foods, like nuts and cheese. If you still want to eat some carbs, brown sugar is a much better choice than pasta, potatoes, or any other starchy food.

3. Limit The Consumption of Dairy Products and Milk

Lactose intolerant individuals cannot break down sugar found in milk. This causes gases, bloating, or even cramps after consuming dairy products, like milk. Eat hard cheese and yoghurt, or any other dairy product that does not have lactose.

4. Choose The Right Fruits

Fruits are healthy in general, but you should eat more fruits that contain balanced amount of glucose and fructose, such as grapes, citrus fruits, and berries. Apples, pears and honeydew are healthy, but they contain much more fructose, and your stomach cannot digest them properly.

5. Avoid Spicy Food

Spicy foods stimulate the release of acid. This causes irritation, and that is something you do not need if you are trying to melt belly fat. Use other seasoning, like dried or fresh herbs.

6. Cut The CRAP and Start Running

CRAP means caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed delicacies. This quartet affects general health, and by consuming these products all you will be doing is keep dreaming of having a flat belly.

If you want to burn your belly you must start running or some other cardio workout. Run 1 hour everyday and you if you follow the above tips you will see the results within a week!

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