50 Years After Their Love Was Torn Apart by Racism, They’re Finally Married

Love conquers all, and overcomes all barriers, even though it sometimes takes some time. In the case of Howard Foster and Myra Clark, it took several decades.

Way back in 1967, the two high school students fell in love. Yet, the social climate at the time was not positive when it comes to interracial relationships, and Howard is black, while Myra is white.

That same year, interracial marriages had become legal, but people were still not comfortable with the idea, and there were often race-related riots outside their high school.

However, at college, Foster fully understood the consequences their love would later have on their lives.

He was the only black person attending Columbus Technical Institute, and he faced racism from his professors on a daily basis.

At this point, he feared that rampant racism would hurt their relationship — and endanger Myra, so he decided to end the relationship. They coped with constant stares and comments from others during the entire time of their relationship, but now, Foster was afraid that society would never let them be together and be happy.

“She’d get tired of the stares; I just thought it was unfair to her. Her happiness was the most important thing.”

Heartbroken, the two lovebirds hugged and said goodbye. Myra remembers that they both turned around at the same time and waved. She thought the wave was ‘I’ll see you later.’”

Sadly, the goodbye ended decades later.

Howard remembers just sitting in his car and crying a lot, as it was not an easy decision to make. He asked himself what would have been if they stayed together.

They never stopped thinking about each other, even though their lives went into different directions.

In 2013, Myra worked at Mount Carmel Hospice, and she met a nurse whose daughter was married to Foster’s son.

They eventually met on Labor Day weekend of 2013 at Sharon Woods Metro Park and immediately fell back in love.

They held hands across a picnic table while talked like they have been together all their life.

Howard said he felt like the dream he just never thought would come true eventually did. He promised himself he would never walk away again.

Soon afterward, they got engaged and married on August 1, 2015.

The photo Myra shared on Facebook garnered a lot of likes and comments, and she wrote that they are having a lot of fun with each other and their families.

Each in their 60s, they hold hands each night when they fall asleep, and they both claim they don’t have any regrets about how things worked out.