50 Ways to Use Coconut Oil to Better Your Life

By: Anthony N.
Exploratory research on coconut oil has uncovered wellbeing profits that influence your whole body, inside and out. You’ve heard great things about it and now you have a tub of it sitting in your wash room.

So how would you use this coconut oil?


Cooking and Eating 

1. Cooking at High Heat – Some oils aren’t safe to cook with at high temperatures, so coconut oil is an extraordinary option. Look at our Guide to Cooking Oils to discover the healthiest cooking oils for whatever meal you’re preparing.

2. On Toast Instead of Butter – Use coconut oil rather than butter on your toast.

3. Eat it by the Spoonful -- Coconut oil is both tasty and healthy. Revel in one spoonful every morning.

4. Smoothies -- Add one tablespoon of coconut oil into your dearest smoothie formula and expand your vitality with the oil’s Mcts. Look at this post for the Top Smoothie Ingredients.

5. Fry Eggs – Lightly cover the bottom of your skillet with coconut oil to make a non-stick surface and delightful eggs.

6. Popping Popcorn – A sweet turn on a fantastic bite!To make stovetop popcorn, you should have a substantial bottomed pan. In the first place, include the coconut oil and popcorn to the pot. Cover the zone of the pot with the oil, and use simply enough popcorn to make one layer over the bottom of the pot.

Give the pot a little shake to verify the greater parts of the portions are covered with oil. Next, spot the pot over medium heat. Put the top on the pot, letting it somewhat open with the goal that steam can escape. It ought to take around five minutes for the popcorn to pop totally.

7. Popcorn Topping – Instead of using butter, liquefy a little coconut oil and spill it over your popped popcorn. At that point sprinkle gently with Himalayan crystal salt.

8. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips -- Preheat your stove to 400 degrees. Meagerly cut sweet potatoes to around 1/8″ thick. Put the pieces on a heating sheet and brush delicately with coconut oil. Prepare this for around 15 minutes or until the chips become lightly brown. Add some salt, and serve it with salsa or dip. (Or simply consume them plain – whichever way they’re delightful!)

9. Replace Vegetable Oil for Baking – Next time you make your most desired brownie recipe, supplant the vegetable oil with coconut oil. Your companions will certainly be asking you for the recipe.

10. Pan Frying – Next time you cook a cluster of sweet potato fries or a bit of chicken, use coconut oil.

11. Grilled Cheese with Coconut Oil – Don’t use butter whenever you are making a grilled cheese sandwich.

12. Coconut Oil Coffee – Adding a spoonful to your espresso is a delectable approach to begin your day with a big energy boost! Here is an incredible recipe for coconut oil espresso.

13. Homemade Granola – Check out this delectable recipe for coconut granola.

14. A Spoonful in Tea – Allow some coconut oil to melt and gently enhance your next cup of tea.

15. Salad Dressings – here you can find a basic recipe for salad dressing with coconut oil

16. Cheekbone Highlighter – Apply a little sum on cheekbones over your make-up

17. Shaving Lotion -- Close shave and a moisturizer at the same time.

18. Facial Scrub – Mix coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to your face every night. Washing it off is elective.

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