50 Times Dogs Managed To Fall Asleep In Hilariously Awkward Positions

I know people who can doze off wherever they are, while I am a person who cannot get a shut-eye if I am not at home in my own bed, on my own pillow, in the softest pajamas I have.

It turns out, dogs are much like many of us. Well, not like me, actually.

Dogs can take some zzz’s whenever they feel like it, in the weirdest places and positions. Sometimes, the way your dog sleeps can reveal much about its personality.

Pay attention to the position your furry best friend sleeps in, and you will learn a lot about him. It can result from the place they are napping in, who they are sleeping close to, and the way they feel.

An average dog sleeps about 12-13 hours daily, and puppies snooze even more.

Yet, even though it looks like they are very skillful at falling asleep quickly, these naps are not much different from Stage 1 sleep, where they are barely sleeping.

Here are some common sleeping positions of dogs and what they reveal about your dog:

The Fetal Position: The canine is curled up with the tail close to the head and paws tucked in. This means that the dog needs extra affection as it is sensitive and shy, or it might be cold and conserves the body heat.

The Yearner: The dog sleeps on the side, with the paws reaching outwards. These dogs are relaxed, calm, and friendly.

The Freefallers: The dog sleeps with the front paws straight out in front, while the back paws are stretched out behind them. These dogs are very energetic and playful.

The Cuddler: These dogs love being snuggled up with a friend while sleeping, as they are affectionate, and want to feel safe.

The Spoon: If you have two dogs, they might sleep in the spoon position, one’s back against another dog’s belly. This means they have a strong bond and show their loyalty and love to each other.

The Burrower: These dogs love sleeping covered up, with pillows, clothes, or blankets. This is a sign they need to feel protected and secure and ask for extra attention and love.

Scroll down to see dogs in some pretty strange sleeping positions:

1. This dog does not understand gravity well  

2. Warming Its Paws

3. Taking a happy nap

4. Can you understand it?

5. She was told she Couldn’t Sleep Up On The Couch

6. Chilling With His Dog In London

7. Strange Dog Park Experience 

8. Long

9. This is My Dog Sleeping

10. This Dog is Sleeping On The Mule Steering Wheel

11. Neighbor’s Dogs Nap In My Garage

12. Can You Believe It?

13. It probably does yoga

14. Napping

15. Strange sleeping position

16. Nap Time In Our House

17. Check Out His Reflection 

18. She Sleeps Like This

19. Snoring Too

20. This Wiener Dog Fell Asleep While Begging

21. It Sleeps Anywhere 

22. Ollie’s bed is Under Chairs

23. IS he ok?

24. I Call This Tetris Murph

25. The Corner is great for sleeping

26. Can you believe it?

27. Leela Sleeps Like This

28. My cousin’s Dog Sleeping

29. My Dog Sleeping 

30. I’m Exhausted

31. She Holds Her Feet When She Sleeps

32. My Dog Finds This Comfortable

33. Ralph Likes To Nap

34. I Found My Dog Sleeping Like This

35. Chillin’

36. The Dog Fell Asleep With Her Face In Her Bowl

37. My GF’s Dog Likes To nap in my lap and fart in my face 

38. She Sleeps Like This

39. My Rescued Spanish Greyhound Sleeps Like This

40. My Golden Retriever Sleeps Under The Toilet

41. This Is How This Pregnant Dog Sleeps

42. She Sleeps In Strange Positions

43. The Most Comfortable Nap

44. What’s Wrong With My Dog?

45. He Just Fell Asleep Chewing On His Own Leg

46. My Dog’ Dream is to participate in the Olympics as a diver

47. Let Him Sleep 

48. This Sleeping Position Looks Quite Comfortable

49. Like A Princess

50. Help My Dog To Sleep Properly