5 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Sugar

First, try to understand that sugar is not evil. It is found naturally in a lot of foods, including milk and fruits, meaning that you really do not need adding sugar to your dietary intake. Moreover, you will experiense some positive changes once you stop eating sugar.

Even though sugary sweets and sugar-loaded foods used for flavoring are pretty common in Western cultures, you really do not need that much sugar.


Stop eating anything but natural sugar and enjoy the following positive changes:

1. Energy Boost

We usually reach for sugar-loaded items, like so-called energy drinks and caffeinated drinks, when we are out of energy. But, without this additional sugar, you will have a much more energy. To be more precise, sugar blocks your body’s ability to keep the energy stores at high level. Moreover, there will be no up-and-down with blood sugar levels, meaning that afternoon crashes will become history.

2. Normal Weight

Sugar makes you want some more sugar, and it is not raw sugar that we are talking about. You have to face the fact: most sugar comes from foods high in fat or carb. These foods are processed or contain plenty of undesired ingredients. Fruits are an exception, because they all have sugar.

If you go on a sugar detox, your body will not have to deal with additional calories. You will not feel hungry all the time and you will start losing weight, or at least the scale will not fluctuate dramatically.

3. Proper Function of Intestines and Colon

If your insides could only tell you what they need on a daily basis, they will probably ask for lots of fiber and just a minimum amount of impure foods that are hard to digest. Stop eating sugar to enable your tummy and intestines to function properly. You will also go to the bathroom more often, which is a good thing, meaning that everything gets back to normal.

4. Reduced Sugar Cravings

Sugar makes you eat more sugar. Once you stop eating it, you will reduce the cravings for sugary foods. Fruits will taste a lot sweeter, and if by any chance you eat some cake or pie, you will sure be shocked at how sweet they are.

5. Healthier Skin Complexion

Do you still wonder why your acne appears and disappears despite all the cosmetic producs you use? Well, it is the sugar that affects your skin from the inside out. Many people have experienced some dramatic changes in their skin right after they stopped consuming sugar.

Are you ready to start your sugar detox and quit sugar?

A cold turkey approach to the sugar detox is not something you need, especially if you have been eating lots of sugar for your entire lifetime, but reducing sugar intake is most certainly a great idea. The faster you begin, the faster you will experience the advantages of a sugar-free diet.

In the light of all the dangers of consuming too much sugar, the WHO has recently changed sugar recommendations to no more than 5% of the daily calories, which is much better than the previously recommended 10%. Taking into consideration that an average American eats about 5 grams every day, there is really a lot to do to make things better.

In the initial phase evaluate everything you eat or drink. If you fancy sugar-loaded coffee drinks, count the number of times you drink these. You may want to scale back some more. In the next phase, avoid sugar-laden products. Overtime you will adjust to your dietary changes.

Do not worry, usually it takes up yo three weeks to turn a new habit in a daily routine. If you still eat a candy bar after a stressful day, just keep trying. The results will sure be worth it.

Source/Reference: www.realfarmacy.com
(Obtained permission from the website owner)
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