5 Super-Healthy Spring Foods !

3. Watercress

Speaking of health, watercress is on the top of the list. In other words, it is on the top of the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, a list of foods made by an American doctor, scoring fruits and vegetables from 1 to 1 000, based on their nutritious value.

Watercress scored 1 000. It contains more vitamin C than oranges, it has more calcium than milk, more vitamin E compared to broccoli and more folate than the super-healthy bananas.

Many studies have proven their anti-cancer properties. Eat some dressed watercress during your meal, or as a snack. This will make your life a lot better.


4. Extra virgin olive oil

Many researches showed that saturated fat found in butter and dairy products is not that dangerous as once thought, but on the other hand, extra virgin oil made up of monounsaturated fat, is amazingly beneficial.

The results proved that this oil protects against heart diseases, which allows you to use as much as you can. If you use extra olive virgin oil while cooking, do this over a low heat in order not to change its structure.


5. Sardines

Sardines are considered as oily fish, and even though all fish are good for the overall health, oily fish contain highest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Doctors and nutritionists often discuss over various topics, speaking of healthy and unhealthy food, but there is no disagreement regarding sardines.

If you are sure they are safe to consume (be careful about where they come from and all those transportation details), you can eat as much as you can. Salmon is not that oily, but it is a good alternative for the upcoming spring.

Fresh sardines, touched with some olive oil and grilled are super-delicious, but tinned sardines are also good (you can mash them and add some chilly and parsley).