5 Super-Healthy Spring Foods !

Spring is almost there, and besides having this nice and calming weather, and all those flowers everywhere, there is a variety of seasonal and healthy foods you need to include in your diet. Diana Henry, famous food writer helped us do this list.

1. Purple sprouting broccoli

PSB is considered as better than asparagus, as it is the best product found at the end of the winter, announcing spring. Broccoli is useful and beneficial (including its stems, too), but purple sprouting broccoli has the best looks (its heads are gorgeous purple) and it tastes really amazing and sweet.

All vegetables from the brassica genus, including PSB, are beneficial for the overall health, but PSB is their best and most often consumed representative. All brassicas are rich in useful minerals, phytochemicals, vitamin C, vitamin K and fibre.


2. Leeks

Onion, garlic and leeks are part of the allium family, one of the most powerful food group when it comes to health-friendly properties. Have you ever heard of the ‘Mediterranean diet’?

Then we have to say that it’s not the pasta you use that made it famous, but all those vegetables, including onion and garlic as main ingredients in every meal.

However, leeks play the main role, because they can be served as a single meal, not just as a base of a dish. Leeks are rich in phytochemicals, and they also contain a lot of vitamin C, important for the immune system and necessary in the fight against many diseases. Vitamin B  found in leeks provides energy and supports brain functions.