5 Simple Yoga Poses to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Belly fat can be really difficult to burn, even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. However, there are some extremely effective yoga poses that can do miracles for your body, along with a balanced nutrition and workout.

These poses can help you improve your metabolism and eliminate the stubborn abdominal fat. These are the best yoga poses that will help you have a strengthened and toned abdominal area:

  1. Bow Posture (Dhanurasana)

The bow posture will tighten the abdominal muscles and strengthen the core. Moreover, it will help you stretch the body, and boost digestion while relieving constipation. This is how to do it:


-In a lying position, stretch the legs out and keep the arms beside the body. Then, bend the knees and

reach the arms back to the ankles or feet. Hold in this position and breathe in, raise the head and bend it backward while elevating the legs.

Remain in this position for 15-30 seconds and breathe normally. Then, exhale and return to the initial position. Repeat it 5 times, but remember to rest for 15 seconds in between.

  1. Cobra Posture (Bhujang asana)

The Cobra pose will tighten the abdominal muscles and help you burn belly fat. Moreover, it will tone the upper body and strengthen the spine. This is how to perform it:


Initially, lie and stretch the legs, while your palms are under the shoulders. Touch the floor with the toes and chin. Then, breathe in and slowly elevate the chest upward.

Hold thus for 15-30 seconds, and slowly exhale. Repeat it 5 times, but pause for 15 seconds between each pose. Note that this pose is not recommended in the case of back injury, pregnancy or a hernia.

  1. Pontoon Posture (Naukasana)

The Pontoon Posture will strengthen the back and leg muscles and thus help you reduce the fat around the waist. This is how to perform it:


In a lying position, stretch the legs out, and the arms should remain at the sides. Then, breathe in and elevate the legs, but do not bend them. Then, stretch the toes and feet and lift the legs, while keeping them straight.

Elevate the arms in order to reach your toes and thus, form a 45-degree angle with your body. Hold for 15 seconds while breathing normally, then release and breathe out. Repeat this poses 5 times, but pause for 15 seconds between them.

  1. Wind Easing Posture (Pavanamukthasana)

This yoga position will help you reduce the pain in the lower back and strengthen the hips, thighs and belly muscles. Moreover, people also believe it to be able to promote pH balance in the body and stomach health, and improve the metabolism. This is how to perform it:


In a lying position, place the arms beside the body and stretch the legs out, with the heels touching each other. Breathe out and bend at the knees, and at the same time, try to bring them towards your chest.

Use your thighs to apply pressure to the abdominal area, and clasp the hands underneath them to keep the knees in place. Hold for 60-90 seconds and breathe deeply.

Breathe out and release the knees, while returning the hands to the body sides. Repeat it 5 times, and pause for 15 seconds to rest between poses.

  1. Board (Kumbhakasana)

The Board will help you tighten your arms, buttock, thighs, back, and shoulders, and at the same time, it efficiently reduces abdominal fat. This is how to perform it:


Initially, you should be in a position with the knees and hands underneath the shoulders and arms. Then, tuck the toes under and step the feet back to stretch the legs behind your body.

Breathe in while looking ahead of the palms, and your spine and neck should be aligned. Apply pressure to your abdominal muscles and hold. Your hands should be flat on the floor and the fingers should be spread apart.

Remain in this position for 15-30 seconds. Then, breathe out and drop to the knees.

This pose should be repeated 5 times, but with a 15-seconds pause between poses. Note that it is not recommended in the case of back or shoulder injury, or high blood pressure.

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Reference: www.davidwolfe.com