5 Simple And Healthy Ways to Cut Portions

Burning more calories than you eat is one of the most easiest ways to lose weight… but that does not mean that you should be starving all day! Instead of cutting off your meals, how about doing more exercises so you can accommodate your appetite?

Here are some great tips on how to cut portions properly without feeling hungry:


1. Start with Water

Drinking a large glass of water before your meals will make you feel less hungry, and you will eat less. It not only fills your stomach, but also keeps you well hydrated. Did you know that dehydration is sometimes the reason why you are hungry? That grumbling in your stomach occurs due to dehydration, not hunger.

People like to eat when they are bored. A single glass of water will satisfy your urge to eat in the moments when you have nothing else to do.

2. Veggie Fillers

Add more veggies to your dishes. Regardless of whether it is a stir-fry, pasta, seafood or sandwich, make sure it is loaded with vegetables. Veggies fill you up, and what is great about them is that they are low in calories and high in healthy nutrients.

3. Plate Coloring

This is the odd one, but experts have proven that people who eat of plates which color does not really contrast of the food they eat, actually eat 22% more food. Contrast the colors so you can judge the amount of food accurately. This will help you avoid overeating.

4. Add Carbs, Do Not Add to Carbs

Do not use carbs as a base for your meal. Make your meal, and if you really have to, add some carbohydrates. Topping a bowl of granola with fruit and yoghurt is something you should not do! Have some yoghurt and top it with just a little granola.

The same goes for pasta dishes: grill your veggies and meat, then add a little bit of pasta. The majority of your meal should be veggies and meat, never carbs. This will revolutionize your cooking skills.

5. Limit Portion Sizes

How about those cravings for chips, chocolate… or cookies? Take some of the box or the bag, put it in a bowl, and leave the kitchen immediately. Taking the box with you is the worst thing you can do!

If you see food, you will probably eat it… yes.

Source/Reference: theheartysoul.com
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