5 Secret Tricks to Lose Weight At Any Age

Many of you have already noticed that we are starting to lose our fight with the pounds as we are getting older. Unfortunately, losing weight is more difficult with the years.
On one hand, our metabolism gradually slows down as we age. Every decade on average we burn 1 to 2% fewer calories, thanks to losing some muscle mass and putting on some fat, so if we are not careful, pounds will go up as our age does.
On another hand, we also find exercising less convenient, since we feel our muscles and joints being stiffer and more hurtful.
Nevertheless, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer, Brian Durbin, believes that if one learns the roadblocks and “how to work around them—it’s easy to be successful at
5 Secret Tricks That Will Help You Lose Weight Regardless of Your Age

  1. Reduce Stress

As years pass, we get more and more responsibilities, and life tends to get more complicated and stressful. “The average 50-year-old has many more responsibilities than their younger peers. They’re often in their prime income-generating years, which means extra responsibilities at work. They may also have kids who are going to college—a financial burden—or have aging parents who they’re helping to care for,” says Durbin.
Most of us do not have the time to regularly hit the gym, and in order to cope with stressful situations, we are often victims of stress eating. Regardless of the cause of stress, it always leaves its effects on our health and our body.

  1. Diet Change

You do not have to completely stop enjoying your favorite meals, but you should reduce empty calories, since you must bear in mind that your dietary needs change with age. You generally need more nutrients, but fewer calories. You should focus on nutrient dense foods, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

  1. Hormone Balance

In order your body not to start storing fat, you should regularly check hormonal levels, such as thyroid and adrenal glands. As we get older it gets more and more likely that our hormones could fall out of balance. Testosterone is extremely important to watch, since its balanced levels aid your slim and fit body figure.
This balance will also be favorable in regulating blood glucose levels, which is important for losing belly fat.

  1. Weight Exercise

Muscle mass can be the main culpit in cases when you cannot lose weight. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, so it requires more energy and elevates your resting metabolism. And vice versa, of course, metabolism slows down if you lose muscle.
On average, by their 50s, people have 20% less muscle mass than they did when they were 20. Durbin says that “The good news is you can turn all of this around with a well-structured weight-training routine. It can increase your muscle mass and help you regain the ability to lose weight like you were able to 20 years ago.”

  1. Physical Therapist

In order to avoid pains or aches, before you start to do a new workout routine, it is advisable to visit a physical therapist. Their advice will be of great help since you will be instructed how to avoid causing pain, which activities to do and which to avoid, and all important issues linked to your new habit.
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