5 Plants for Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep Better

Apparently, choosing the right plants for your bedroom can be a great way to improve your sleep. Apart from being decorative, house plants also prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to your health, since they filter the air and oxygenate your home.

There are numerous plants which can be of great benefit for your health, but we here list 5 of the most effective ones, that will improve your sleep and the atmosphere in your bedroom.

These are the following:

Snake plant

If you put a snake plant in the room where you sleep and spent most of your time, you will enhance oxygen purity in your home. What’s great about this plant is that it emits oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking in carbon dioxide – something we naturally produce when breathing.

The snake plant needs low maintenance, and does not cost much, so it is perfect for your home. The Snake Plant also filters some nasty but common household toxins (namely formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene) from the air. All this leads to a purer quality of air and a better night’s sleep.



This plant can also bolster the features of your bedroom, with its sweeping vines and collectives of tiny trumpet-shaped flowers. It improves the quality of your sleep, decreases anxiety and improves mood upon wakening. Its efficacy as a natural sleeping aid as proven by a study conducted on the Wheeling Jesuit University.

jasmine room plant on windowsill

Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera is one of the most beneficial plants suitable for your home. On one hand, it is a natural healer great for soothing inflammation, scars and burned skin, as well as body detoxifier. On the other hand, it can help eradicate polluting chemicals found in cleaning agents, thus purifying your air in the bedroom and the rest of your house. Furthermore, when the level of harmful chemicals in your home is high, the plant will develop brown spots, keeping you well aware of the situation.


English Ivy

This plant appears to be the best bedroom plant to help you sleep in terms of efficiency and ease. English ivy is easy to grow and it survives in moderate temperatures and medium sun light exposure. Moreover, NASA carried a study which included English Ivy as the number one best air-purifying plant. This is due to it being the most efficient plant when absorbing formaldehyde.



Experts discovered that inhaling its scent can unleash soothing, sedating effects when we breathe in the fragrance from lavender plants. It is mainly used as a fragrance for soaps, scented clothes and shampoos, but it is an excellent cleaning agent as well, It is amazing in treating anxiety and insomnia.


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