5 Most Common Mistakes When Using Garlic as an Antibiotic

Many of you do not fancy garlic that much, mostly because it leaves an unpleasant smell and taste in your mouth, and sometimes even a few tears in your eyes. However, when you take into consideration its health benefits, you sure will not be bothered with the smell of garlic that much. But, you have to make sure that you use garlic properly, otherwise you may miss out some of its benefits.

Read more about the most common mistakes and take full advantage of its healing properties.


1. Using Garlic as a Pill

Garlic pills seem like a nice solution to the unpleasant garlic smell and taste, but this is sure not the most effective way of using garlic. Raw garlic is the best way to experience the healing power of this gift of nature. Garlic pills can provide some effect, but it is much lower than that of raw garlic. Every time you have troubles with its taste, just think of the positive effect on your health.

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2. Cooked Garlic

Cooked garlic is the most common way in which people use garlic, because it gives a nice flavor to meals. Unfortunately, cooking eliminates allicin, one of the most important ingredients in garlic. The only way to activate allicin and use the maximum of its benefits is to crush garlic and eat it raw.

3. Protect Your Stomach Flora

Garlic is a strong antibiotic, meaning that large amounts of garlic can have negative effect on your stomach flora and kill useful bacteria. The best way to avoid this is combining garlic and probiotics. This will balance your metabolism. Kombucha and miso are good options, and they contain large amount of probiotics.

4. Old Garlic

Old garlic is not as powerful as fresh garlic, and you can easily determine whether the garlic you are using is good. A fresh green strip in the middle of the clove is the best guarantee that the garlic you are holding is fresh. Remember, always use organic garlic.

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5. Small Amounts of Garlic

You need more than a tiny garlic clove in order to experience the real power of garlic. Garlic is a potent immunity booster only when consumed in great amounts. According to health experts, two or three medium-sized cloves per day are just enough. Some say that this amount of garlic helped them fight aggressive infections efficiently in a short period.

Extra Tips: Fresh Garlic

As we already mentioned, fresh and raw garlic is the best way to get most of its benefits. But, if you really do not like the taste of garlic, mince some garlic cloves and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Add some applesauce or other similar sauce for a better taste.

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