5 Houseplants That Prevent Insomnia (AND Purify Your Air)

Some people love having plants in the house while some are not so interested in growing them at home.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that plants aesthetically enrich the room, and at the same time, they provide important benefits for our health.

Namely, houseplants purify the air and enhance the air we breathe by supplying oxygen. However, being able to make the right choice concerning the type of the plant you would keep at home may have a significant impact on the quality of your life.

Apart from the air purification, these plants can provide a relaxing atmosphere and improved sleep. These are the best 5 plants you are advised to have at home:

Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera is popular due to its powerful effects, including soothing effects in the case of inflammations, burns and scars. Yet, this plant is also extremely strong detoxifier of the body.

Thus, its presence in your home will eliminate harmful chemicals from the cleaning products that contaminate the air.  What’s more, it can also indicate the dangerous level of harmful substances in the air at your home.

When these detrimental chemicals have polluted the air to a high extent, you can notice brown spots on the Aloe plan, which is a sign that you should immediately purify it.

English Ivy

English ivy is probably one of the most useful house plants you can have in your house. This plant is extremely effective in filtering the air, as it absorbs the biggest amounts of formaldehyde. Furthermore, if you keep it in the room where you sleep, it will significantly improve your sleep. What is also great about the English ivy is the fact that it is extremely simple to grow, as it does not need much sun.


Jasmine has many positive effects, and it can also enhance the quality of your sleep, as it reduces anxiety, improves your sleep, and ensures that you wake up in a good mood.


Lavender is very popular due to its common use in beauty and body care products. However, this amazing plant has a fantastic smell which has a relaxing and calmative effect, so inhaling it can improve your sleep. Moreover, it effectively treats anxiety and insomnia.

Snake plant

This beneficial plant also filters the air at your home and provides oxygen in great quantities. In particular, it produces oxygen during the night, and at the same time, it absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale. Thus, have a snake plant in your bedroom will ameliorate the air and will greatly improve your sleep.

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