5 Best Ways to Keep Mice Out of Campers

Rodents like your home, right? Well, your home may be warm and cozy, and you can’t blame the tiny creatures. However, rodents may cause serious damage, and you can get them out of your home. No, you don’t have to kill them.

First, you have to inspect your home. Look for traces of rodents. The best time to do is at night when everything is quite and dark. Use a flashlight to look for mice droppings, gnaw marks or pieces of paper.

Sanitize the area and make sure your home is clean. Don’t leave food around, because rats love it. They are also attracted by pet food. Rats can contaminate your food, so try to clean your home.

5 ways to protect your home from rodents

Mice enter your home through cracks. They have soft cartilages and their bodies fit into tiny holes. They squeeze through small gaps around utility lines and drainage pipes. Seal any opening larger than ¼’’.

1. Line entry points with aluminum foil

Mice hate aluminum foil. Use aluminum foil to cover holes and wrap food. In this way they won’t nibble through your belongings.

2. Easy-to-make traps

These are based on the catch-and-release principle. You can make one of these in a few minutes, and you need a few simple items.

3. Peppermint oil

Soak cotton balls in peppermint oil, and scatter them around your home. Mice hate the smell of garlic, cayenne pepper and peppermint.

4. Use soap bars

Strong-scented soaps are an excellent solution when it comes to getting rid of mice. Place then around your home. Irish Spring soap works great, and you can use anything with strong smell.

5. Tape dryer sheets

Tuck these in any gaps and cracks in your home. Of course, we don’t encourage you to use these in your laundry as they are toxic, but these are of great help for those who deal with mice. Change the tape dryer sheets every to weeks.

These are safe ways, and hopefully they will help you get rid of nasty rodents. You will do this without killing anyone, don’t worry.