5 Best Knee Exercises To Make Walking Less Painful

Walking is an activity that does the body good, and it is quite recommended by physicians everywhere.

However, certain people are actually not fans of walking, often as a result of an injury. Most people who do not like walking are suffering from chronic knee pain, which causes additional burden on the legs when going for a stroll.

Strengthening the muscles around the joints and the glutes, hips and thighs is necessary to prevent any potential injury in the future. These muscles are the main group that keeps the knee operative and functional.

According to studies and experts, the exercises explained below are very favorable for keeping your knees in a good shape and ease the walking process. The same exercises should be practiced at least 4 days a week.

The main purpose of these exercises is to make you feel comfortable and bring effects. If for some reason they are causing you pain, stop doing the exercise.

  1. Sit and Hold Squat

Begin seated on a bench or chair with a pillow or a stability ball between your knees. Keep your feet flat and your arms raised in front of you. Make sure to keep your palms downwards.

While squeezing the ball at all times, raise your hips by using your body weight. Don’t forget to keep your arms straight. Remain in a squat position for 30 seconds.

  1. Inner Turn around Leg Press

Start in a standing position with a chair placed with its back on your right side. Support yourself lightly on the chair and start bending the left knee smoothly.

Stand up and keep the left side in the direction of the back side of your chair. Hold lightly to the chair and start bending the left knee gently and slowly. Raise the leg up until you form a 45-degree-angle from the hip.

Tighten your abdominal muscles and turn your toes on the inside to the ground directly from the hip. Keep rotation going and bend knee towards the chest. Once done, push foot opposite of you and hold leg extended. Repeat twenty times and then switch legs.

  1. Bridge Ball

This exercises starts with you on the ground with your back flat. Start bending your knees while keeping feet straight on the floor. Place a smaller squishy ball between your inner thighs.

Squeeze abs as much as possible, and begin raising yourself with the hips. Pressure the ball with your thighs and start raising them even higher around 30 times. Release hips and ball and return to initial position.

  1. Hamstring Roll Out with a Ball

Lie down on the ground with your back flat and straight. Bend knees while keeping feet flat on the floor. Place a smaller squishy ball under your one foot’s toes.

Begin rolling the ball slowly until your leg is fully extended. Then, roll the ball back to original position. Repeat five times and then switch legs. For even better results, perform the exercise in the bridge position.

  1. Standing Quadriceps Extension

Stand straight and face the back of a chair. Balance yourself onto the chair with your left hand. Bend right knee and hold it with your hand at the toes. Lift it to reach your behind. Keep this posture for thirty seconds and then switch legs.

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