5 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Whas it actually inflammation?

Inflammation is often the cause of great number of diseases, including fever, arthritis, etc. Unfortunately, our lifestyle choices make it even worse.There is no need to worry, as we have the answer to all your doubts and questions. Even better, there are more of these. Add the following nutrients to your diet and improve your overall health.


1. Bromelain

This enzyme is found in pineapples, and it actually gives it bright yellow color. Of course, this is not the only benefit it provides.

Studies have shown that bromelain can minimize the inflammation after any hard workout. The enzyme can repair muscle tissues when exposed to heavy stress. Seems like pineapple is the perfect post-workout fruit, right? Scientists have gone deeper into its effect on inflammation, and the results have showed that it is great for people who struggle with arthritis and joint pain.

2. Monosaturated Fat

It does not necessarily mean that fat is bad. Scientists have proven this long ago. Today, science offers strong evidence on the benefits provided by certain fats that are actually considered to be good for the overall health.

Monosaturated fat regulates cholesterol, and thus protects cardiovascular health. At the same time these fats reduce the inflammation and balance blood sugar level.

3. Gingerol

Are you already guessing which is the greatest source of gingerol? You are right, it is ginger. Many studies have confirmed the beneficial effect of ginger when it comes to relieving muscle and joint pain. It reduces both inflammation and swelling, which improves the overall health condition.

Note: Some researchers go that far to claim that antioxidants contained in ginger can actually fight cancer.

4. Curcumin

If you already know something about turmeric, then you have probably heard of curcumin. It is an active ingredient that provides strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that curcumin affects biochemical pathways linked to inflammation. Reduced swelling is the most common result.

5. Carotenoids

The name is a perfect association for carrots, but these nutrients can be found in any colored fruit and vegetable, whether it is red, yellow, green, or orange.

Scientists claim that carotenoids have great effect on the overall health. There is no strong evidence on this, but the results suggest that carotenoids may prevent inflammation, thanks to the antioxidants and the ability to minimize inflammation.

Wonder what should you eat to prevent inflammation? Just go to the grocery and pick some fresh fruits and vegetables. Do some smart combinations to maximize the benefits and improve your health condition, which of course, does not apply just to the control over the inflammation.

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