45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off

25. Stomach Health

Digestive problems are the most common ailments but warm water and lime juice is the solution to most digestive problems. Lemon juice helps to purify the blood, reduces your chances of indigestion, constipation, eliminates toxins from the body, adds digestion and reduces phlegm.

26. Remove Warts

Next time you try to banish warts, apply a dab of lemon juice directly to the wart using a cotton swab. Repeat for several days until the acids in the lemon juice dissolve the wart completely.

27. Create Blonde Highlights

For salon-worthy highlights, add 1/4 cup lemon juice to 3/4 cup water and rinse your hair with the mixture. Then, sit in the sun until your hair dries. For optimal results, repeat once daily for up to a week.

28. Cleanse Your Face

Lemon water is a cooling agent, it represents the best way to beat the heat. You can also wash your face with lemon juice for a natural cleanse and exfoliation. Zap zits naturally by dabbing lemon juice on blackheads to draw them out during the day. Your skin should improve after several days of treatment.

29. Flaky Dandruff Treatment

Just massage two tablespoons lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water. Then stir one teaspoon lemon juice into one cup water and rinse your hair with it. This procedure is repeated on a daily basis.

30. Freshen Your Breath

The citric acid in the juice alters the pH level in your mouth, killing bacteria that cause bad breath. Wash your mouth by rinsing with lemon juice straight from the bottle. Swallow for longer-lasting fresh breath. Long-term exposure to the acid in lemons can harm tooth enamel, so rinse after a few minutes.

31. Eliminate Tough Stains on Marble

Marble is really petrified calcium, also known as old seashells. That is the reason why it is so porous and easily stained and damaged. Those stains can be hard to remove. For this purpose, try the following method: Cut a lemon in half, dip the exposed flesh into some table salt, and rub it vigorously on the stain. Acid can damage marble, so do this after you have tried different options only. Rinse well.

32. Remove Berry Stains

Berry juice stains on the fingers won’t come off no matter how much you scrub with soap and water. Try washing your hands with undiluted lemon juice, then wait a few minutes and wash with warm, soapy water. Repeat until they are completely away.

33. Chills and Fevers

Spanish physicians regard lemon as an infallible friend. Chills and fevers may be due to a variety of causes, but lemon is always a helpful remedy.

34. Prevent Cauliflower From Turning Brown

You can make sure the white vegetables stay white by squeezing a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice on them before heating.

35. Mental Health

Lemon water can also keep you in a good mood and relieve you from depression and stress. Explorers, walkers and long distance walkers are extremely grateful for lemon and its benefits. When fatigue begins, a lemon is sucked through a hole in the top. It gives almost unbelievable refreshments.

36. Make Your Dry, Scaly Elbows Soft

Itchy elbows give a bad feeling and look terrible. For better looking elbows, mix baking soda and lemon juice to make an abrasive paste, then rub it into your elbows for a soothing, smoothing, and exfoliating treatment. Rinse with a mixture with a 1:1 lemon juice and water ratio. Afterwards, massage with olive oil and dab dry with a soft cloth.

37. Headaches

For those who suffer with hangover headaches–and from headaches due to many other causes, lemon juice with a few teaspoons of hot tea added is the treatment which makes miracles. A sophisticated New York bartender, converts his customers to this regime, and weans them away from drug remedies completely.

38. Diphtheria

Lemon juice is one of the most powerful antiseptics and the strong digestive qualities of lemon are admired around the world. Every hour or two, and at the same time, 1/2 to 1 tablespoons should be swallowed. This routine cuts loose the false membrane in the throat and permits it to come out.

39. Soothe Poison Ivy Rash

You won’t need an ocean of calamine lotion the next time you experience poison ivy rash. Simply apply lemon juice directly to the affected area to soothe itching and alleviate the rash.

40. Clean Tarnished Brass and Polish Chrome

Get rid of tarnish on brass, copper, or stainless steel using a paste of lemon juice and salt (or substitute baking soda or cream of tartar for the salt). Coat the affected area with it. Let it stay on for 5 minutes. Then wash in warm water, rinse, and polish dry.

Use the same mixture to clean metal kitchen sinks too. Apply the paste, scrub gently, and rinse. Get rid of mineral deposits and polish chrome faucets and other tarnished chrome. Simply rub lemon rind over the chrome and watch it shine! Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

41. Rid Clothes of Mildew

Have you ever unpacked clothes you stored all winter and discovered some are stained with mildew? To get rid of it, make a paste of lemon juice and salt and rub it on the affected area, then dry the clothes in sunlight. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

42. Bleach Delicate Fabrics

Soak your delicates in a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda for at least half an hour before washing. Avoid additional bleach stains by swapping ordinary household chlorine bleach with lemon juice. This mixture is milder but no less effective.

43. Disinfect Cuts and Scrapes

Pour a few drops of lemon juice directly on the cut to stop bleeding and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes. You can also apply the juice with a cotton ball and hold firmly in place for one minute.

44. Eliminate Fireplace Odor

Simply burn some lemon peels along with your firewood as a preventive measure, or next time you have a fire that sends a stench into the room, try throwing a few lemon peels into the flames

45. Neutralize Odor in Cat- Box

Just cut a couple of lemons in half and place them, cut side up, in a dish in the room, and the air will soon smell lemon-fresh. You don’t have to use an aerosol spray to neutralize foul-smelling cat-box odors or to freshen the air in your bathroom anymore.

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