This Is How The 40-Hour Work Week Makes Us Economic Slaves

During the week, after 40 hours spent working, we all feel tired and over-worked. During the working days, we do not have enough time to spend on what relaxes us, we have no or little time to dedicate to ourselves or our closest ones.

During this process, we lose our identities, interests, hobbies, and things that bring pleasure. We keep rushing to finish all tasks, fit everything into the schedules, and we just forget to make a pause. At the same time, big corporations make profits and get richer.

Let’s review things for a bit and try to find the root of this all.


Inflation is the situation of a reduced value of the dollar. The US government asks for a loan from the Federal Reserve whenever it needs money to wage some kind of war.

Therefore, the Fed purchases bonds (essentially, IOU’s) from the government in whatever amount it requested, and it then prints out treasury bonds, while the Fed prints money.

These two trade and the government deposits this money into another bank, which in turn charges fees and interest. This procedure reduces the value of the dollar, and the country is increasingly sinking in debt.


As the debt grows, the cost of living also grows, and we enter a charmed cycle. We panic and we accept a 40-hour job as the only way to succeed.

However, studies have shown that workers accomplish only 3 hours of actual work out of the 8 hours they have to stay at work. Yet, our wages are constantly dropping, while the profits of corporations are escalating.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this year, in the 3rd quarter, productivity raised by 2.3 percent, which is the highest in the last 85 years, while hourly pay only fell by 1.3 percent.

Yet, what is the reason for us being paid less for working more?

Consumerism defines this term as follows:

 “the fact or practice of an increasing consumption of goods.”

This is therefore generally considered to be positive, and it really was some time ago, when the economy was fat better. However, it had negative effects these days, while we are living in debts.

We buy more, while we earn less, and we only make corporations and banks richer. They push a “buy, buy, buy” mentality for centuries, exploiting out desires.

They force us to spend the money we do not have, with practices like “buy now, pay later” or “charge it”!

We do not even think twice before we use our credit cards, and we are all controlled by the Keeping up with the Joneses mentality, which leaves us needy for the fastest, largest, and newest things. They profit from this, and we work for 40 hours like slaves!

We work during the day, and in the evenings, we spend our time in front of the TVs or find some similar form of entertainment. And we still struggle to make ends meet!

We grow bored and purchase all kinds of things we do not need for a single moment of joy and make the material a priority. We grow insecure and struggle with serious physiological issues due to the lack of sleep and rest, and we daily pay for the convenience.

Yet, no one will change this world for us. We are the only ones that can do it, starting from changing our life. Today.

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