4 Simple Exercises For Flat Belly

The beach is still far away, but if you want to enjoy summer at the fullest, you may want to do something about that belly that probably looks cute to you now, in winter.

Many of you probably go to the gym, abs exercises are your favorite, you carefully choose your meals, but there are still no results visible, right? Well, you should not worry, as we have the perfect solution.


Try these 4 exercises, and each of them will help you tighten your belly and the rest of your body as well. With a minimum effort you are going to enjoy nice and flat abs all summer long.

Exercise 1

Buy some small weights, and use them to maintain the balance, not to tighten your biceps.

Play your favorite music, keep the feet shoulder-width and the body straight. Bend to the side, but remeber, your should not bend the knees.

Do the exercise as long as you are able to.


Exercise 2

Sit on the floor and bend your legs. Take one of the weights in the hands and slowly widen the legs, pushing them upwards. Switch the weight from one hand to another right above the knees, resembling the shape of number 8. This exercise will not only tighten your abs, but also reduce your cellulite and tighten your legs.



Exercise 3

Lay flat on the floor and keep the legs straight. Put one arm on the ground to support your body, and slowly push your legs up, and again, do not bend the knees. Do this in direction of your face and touch the other arm. Repeat the exercise for 10 to 20 times, as it depends on your stamina.


Exercise 4

Put the arms behind your head. Widen the legs, and push your body down slowly. Keep your back straight. First, bend down to your left, then to the right side, as if you are trying to touch your elbow with your knee.


Do these exercises on a daily base and you will most certainly enjoy some good results and the body you have always dreamed of.

Remember, for optimal results you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Source: www.fashionmg-style.com