4 Guys Beg Their Neighbor To Let Them Play With Their Dog, Get A Wholesome Letter In Response

If you are like me, you surely get the urge to jump and hug that dog of your neighbors, or the dog you meet in the park or on the parking lot.. well, pretty much everywhere.

Dogs are just perfect. They are never boring, but offer 24/7 fun instead!

However, if you are passionate about dogs, but you simply do not have the conditions to have a dog on your own, you would give your right arm just to get some 5-minute fetching game, or a few hugs and several face licks!

This was the case with four engineers from the UK, who eventually became friends with Stevie Ticks, a beautiful dog that lives nearby. The boys contacted Stevie’s owner to ask for permission to spend some time with their pet, as their landlord does not allow them to have any pets.

After a while, they got a letter from Stevie herself! The letter came in an envelope with her paw print on the front, and she agreed to meet the boys!

Jack McCrossan, originally from Paisley, Renfrewshire, posted the story on Twitter, and people went crazy about it!

Jack and his friends wanted to play with Stevie, the dog of their neighbors 

They asked for permission, and the reply was…

…from the dog herself!

Stevie said she’d love to play with the boys 

Stevie’s owner, Chris, explains that the dog has met the boys twice so far, and after their short introduction, they all went to the local park together.

He adds that she is friendly and loves meeting new people.

Chris explained that Stevie is a 2.5-year-old sheprador, originally from Cyprus. After a car accident and surgery, the dog was flown to a shelter in the UK, and he and his wife rescued her.

He said that she “loves playing tug, chasing birds and licking feet.”

The boys met up with the dog

Chris pointed out the importance of being friendly neighbors:

“We appreciate how difficult it can be owning a dog whilst renting and feel that a positive, friendly and approachable local community is vital. So if we can share the love a dog gives all the time we should try to follow in her footsteps.

We’ve been amazed at the positive response we’ve received from around the world. It’s inspired other people to make contact with their neighbors and share their dogs.”

Sarah, his wife, explained Stevie’s behavior:

“Every time she goes out in the garden in the morning she ‘sings’ to the cats and birds out there. That was partly the inspiration behind her name, as well as the fact that she had tics all over her when we rescued her!

Her favorite foods are wasabi, butternut squash, sweet potato, olives, fig rolls, sardines, and courgette cores (my mum is a courgettie spaghetti addict).” 

 Stevie is a very inquisitive pooch. She loves hanging her head out the window and checking out all the people walking past: that’s how she drew attention to the boys! She’s pretty uncoordinated and is likely to never grow into her paws so there are generally thwaps galore when playing, and she can’t catch anything at all (a ball or a treat!).”

Sarah added that she and her husband “work shifts for the emergency services, and when they return from a night shift, Stevie hops onto the sofa, waiting for “ at least 10 minutes of belly and ear scritches.”

They gave her the name Stevie Ticks’ as when they got her from the shelter, she apparently had ticks! Twitter @alienstokes commented on it: “The dog’s name is Stevie Ticks…oh man this is the best ever.”

Sarah claims their doggo is a drama queen, but full of energy. Due to their jobs, she is often left alone at home, so the fortunate boys from apartment 23 are free and happy to keep her company.

Jack said that the moment they saw the paw print on the envelope, they expected good news, and couldn’t wait to walk her. When they did, he claims she kept running around joyfully.

The four friends are not allowed to have pets at home, but as they work all day, the time they get to spend with Stevie is ideal for them.

His Twitter thread won the hearts of many, with over 506K likes, and 113K retweets.

The fantastic news is that Jack and his three housemates met up with Stevie Ticks and they all had a fabulous time together. Jack’s thread on Twitter went viral with over 507K people liking the story and over 113K internet users retweeting it.

Stevie Ticks has her own Instagram account, followed by about 59,400 people.

Sometimes, landlords have some good reasons to not allow tenants to keep pets, like cleanliness and order

If their landlords allowed them to keep pets at home, Jack and his flat mates would probably have never made friends with Stevie.

Some landlords are very strict when it comes to the “no-pets allowed” policy, but every story has two sides. People with pets might disturb neighbors, as dogs can be loud. Also, pet owners need to clean after them, and some pets might even damage furniture and other items in their surroundings.

Nevertheless, in this case, Jack’s landlord has made them all a favor!

People online were ecstatic to read the human-canine thread. One user wrote:

“Is number 25 free? Maybe number 22? I need to move to this wholesome neighborhood ASAP.”

@ElofLa added that ” Life without the dogs I used to have in life is just so very empty and sad. I’m so glad for you that you have found new friends and ways to keep dogs in your life. This is a great story.”

@-AttorneyAtPaw wrote: “This is the most wholesome thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

The internet loved this heart-warming story