4 Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They Are Guarding Friend Hit By Car

There is a reason..actually, there are countless reasons why dogs are a man’s best friend. These amazing beings exhibit pure love, compassion, affection, and loyalty.

Losing a friend is a terrible experience, but what many people are unaware of, dogs grieve in a similar way to us. Our four-legged best friends seem to be among the most emotional members of the animal kingdom.

Dogs exhibit deep empathy, and the loss of a companion changes the course of their lives, often indefinitely.

When affected by such a tragedy, dogs can even become depressed, ill, and lose appetite. Some dogs even experience personality changes and become possessive and dominant.

A video of a pack of dogs grieving their friend after being hit by a car has broken numerous hearts.

The dog lies dead in the middle of a street in Lanzhou, central China, and his friends refuse to leave him alone and sit right there by his side, blocking the street.

The sad dogs stopped the traffic, and cars had to drive around the pack. They tried to nudge him back up and revive him, but unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything to help their friend.

According to an eyewitness, the dogs didn’t seem to understand that their poor friend had died and looked like they expected him to wake up and join them.

Yet, dogs are not the only ones that have such a sense of empathy.

A similar story was shared by Sarah Simmons. When her pony died after being hit by a car, a group of ponies was standing next to him, suffering after the loss of their late friend.

Watch the video of the dogs mourning the death of their friend: