39 Times People Discovered Surprising Things Left Inside Buildings By Previous Owners

I believe most of us dreamed of solving mysteries and finding hidden treasures when we were children, but apparently, the world we live in is full of magic, so don’t underestimate its power to surprise you.

If you look it hard, you’ll find it. When people move to a new home, they expect that they’ll find an emptied space and removed any trace of their existence. Yet, this doesn’t have to be the case!

The following pictures reveal ‘archeological’ discoveries people made unintentionally, usually while they were renovating their homes. They range from small coins and ancient valuables to secret doors and rooms, and buried treasures in the crawl!

Scroll down and you will be amazed:

1. An Old Bath Under Their Living Room

2. This Was Hidden Under The Carpet

3. Treasure In the Bathroom

4. While My Dad Was Moving Into A New Office, We Found A Trapdoor

5. Under 3 layers of wallpaper, there Was a Vintage space-themed One!

6. The Walgreens Used To Be A Bank And Its Vault Was As Their Vitamin Section

7. Under a layer of wallpaper, my friend found this

8. A Paw Print On A Brick Wall

9. A Table with A Well In The Middle Of It (England)

10. A tall building was built over 1800’s cemetery, which remained preserved In The basement

11. My Grandparents Have A 25-foot-deep Glassed-Over Well In The Kitchen

12. Under the cabinets in our new apartment, there is a little milk door

13. While replacing the old carpet, my friend found a cellar door

14. My Apartment Is An Old Police Station And it still has its original cell doors but painted

15. There is a Mile-Long Tunnel That Travels Beneath My Apartment Building

16. Under my flooded house, we discovered a lost hippie mural

17. While Removing Our Cork Floor Tiles, we discovered a message

18. A Living Room Built Around A Huge Sandstone Rock

19. After the wall broke, we found years of layers of paint

20. Drawings Under The Wallpaper

21. 100-Year-Old Elevator Handle

22. “Tom And Jerry” Type Mouse Holes found in A House Built In 1741

23. This was discovered At A Times Square Construction Site

24. My Back Door Handle Is A Spoon

25. This house Has Kept Its Original Well

26. A surprise in my new apartment

27. In the Basement, we saw This Painting On The Cement Behind The Wall

28. This is the bathtub I found in my new 70s Porn Motif Dream Home.

29. Back in the 1950s, Disposing Of Old Razor Blades Inside Your Wall Was Acceptable

30. This Mail Slot is original from 1929. It Sends The Mail Down 17 Stories To The Basement.

31. The Old-Fashioned Light Switches From the Original Construction of My House

32. The Original 1909 Electrical Switches

33. In our new house, we found a 20-Year-Old Promise Hidden Under The Wallpaper

34. This Mural was hidden on another wall behind the one my friend renovated

35. We use the old vault of my house as a basement. The building was previously a bank.

36. A Random Chain Embedded In The Wall Of My 1930s-Era Home

37. This House has A Shower In The Guest Room

38. The Fan In My Toilet Has The Same Logo As Beats By Dre

39. The Original Light Switches Are Still There My House

So, these curious finds prove that we should never stop dreaming!

The treasure might be right under your feet… in the basement!