38 People Shared Hilarious Pics Before And After Having Kids

There are things, or people, in life, that change us forever.  No, it’s not our first love, our life coach, our best friend, nor the personal trainer.

Can you guess?

Being blessed to have a child is the biggest happiness in life, and every single parent in the world would confirm it. However, children require much more attention and care than anyone of us thought prior to becoming a parent.

No one, I mean, not a single one of us, knew what was about to happen to us when we first saw the cutest little miracle for the first time! What’s more, one can never be fully prepared for that experience in life!

While the countless sleepless nights and dirty diapers didn’t scare you in the first place, be real and say they are still not a big deal now!

The ‘before vs after parenting pics’ trend was started by Brooklyn dad Mike Julianelle, who shares his adventures with his two sons on his popular parenting blog.

There is also a hilarious Instagram account, Got Toddlered, with over 96, 4K followers, that can brighten up everyone’s day!

The viral account posts side-by-side photos of people before and after having kids and people simply adore it!

Here are 38 hilarious pictures shared by parents that reveal their life before and after having a kid:

 ‘Moments before disaster’.

What I used to grab. I now grab naps. 

Being a businessman. Having a boss baby. 

My eyes then, and now. 

I have a different second drink now!

Can’t stop the moonlight and the spit now.

Does she miss just the balloon now? 

One a biker… always a (toddler) biker.

I used to lack sleep due to parties. Now, I lack sleep due to my baby. 

I bet he didn’t think fatherhood was like this. 

Thinking about life’s essential questions.

My back hurts! 

Previously, I partied after 9 pm. Now, I finally go to sleep after 9 pm. 

Ok, still living the dream! 

Once a douche, now a dad. 

Still partying! 

A champ to a dad champ.

Having drinks together, making drinks together.

I loved cruising. Now, I am the boat. 

All his military training was worth it. 

Now he can show-off.

He still has a drinking mate.

Now, it gets hard to eat outside the house. 

From time to time, he has a butt shoved to his face.

Completely out of it. 

Their 1st-anniversary photoshoot on the reality of child-rearing.

Even the cat is not at ease anymore!

We improvised our vacation. 

Selfies are always welcome, but we prefer them without the throw-up.

I am now a sticker board.

I used to be cool. Now, my fate has changed. 

The end of an era. 

Its private space is a bit interrupted now. 

Is this being a dad like?


Back then, I used to puke. Now, I get puked by my baby. 

Once a star, now, just a ride. 

Kids put the crush!


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His kids put the crush -- and, thankfully for him, the plush -- in #mancrushmonday. #mcm

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A rough boy back then, a nice brother now.

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