36 Pictures To See Which Muscle You’re Stretching

11. Lateral shoulder stretch

This one is for your side deltoid. Have your arms across your body, and lay the pressure onto your arm to stretch your shoulder even better.

12. Standing assisted neck flexion stretch

Those who like to stretch their trapezius muscle will sure love this one. Stand straight and stick your feet together, while keeping your spine stretched. Slowly start sitting your hips back and round the upper back. Consider pushing your chin towards the chest while you do this.


13. Lat stretch with spinal traction

It is time for your latissimus dorsi (Lat stretches). Take a firm grip on a bar, and start lifting your feet off the floor. The stretch should affect your chest and lats. Once you get your feet completely off the floor, you shall feel some traction in the lumbar spine. Caution note: Do not do this stretch if you have had a shoulder injury recently or if you have had an impingement of your shoulder.

14. Lat stretch at the wall

It is your latissimus dorsi once again. Set your both hands on the corner of a post. A wall will do fine as well. Stretch your spine and slowly push your hips outwards. Caution note: This stretch may cause additional problems to those who deal with lower back issues.


15. Child’s pose

Child’s pose stimulates your latissimus dorsi. Keep your body close to the ground with both hands and knees onto the yoga mat. Gradually bring your hips back until your forehead gets close to the floor. For an optimal stretch in your hips, set your knees a bit wider. Hold your upper back in a position that resembles an arch, and rotate your shoulders externally. This will get the stretch in your lats and chest muscles.

16. Standing calf stretch

It is a nice technique to stretch your soleus and gastrocnemus. You may want to perform the stretch on a rack or on the very edge of a stair step. Rotate your ankles slightly inwards and outwards to stimulate your calf muscles.


17. Front split

A good one for your psoas and hamstring. It is not fit for absolute beginners, as it requires better flexibility. Always do it carefully, especially if you are dealing with any sort of hip issues. Take a position of kneeling lunge. It would be nice if you can use the support of a chair while you release your hip flexors and hamstrings.

18. Seated forward fold / Seated toe touch

Your hamstrings and calfs will sure like this one. Sit on the mat and bend your knees if you feel like you have to. Once you develop a nice flexibility, your legs will become a lot stronger. Hold your spine as straight as possible, and this applies especially to those who deal with back issues. Lie on your back when performing this stretch if it feels better. In this case keep your feet up a wall.


19. Single leg forward bend

It is a stretch for your hamstrings only. Develop the stretch by setting your feet one in front of the other. Straighten your back, and get your hands on your hips. Start bending your hips.

20. Deep squat

This is a perfect way to get your glutes stimulated. This stretch will affect every part of your body. Those who have issues with their knees or cannot set their heels on the floor should do the squat before they perform the stretch.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Gradually lower your body in a deep squat. Once you get in that position, set your arms inside your legs, and apply some pressure onto your knees from the inside, while sitting into your hips and heels.

Perform the stretch while lying on the back and keeping your feet against the wall if it works better for you.


21. Seated half king pigeon pose

One more for your glutes. Sit down and slowly pull your leg towards the chest. Rotate your hip outwards and make sure you keep your spine straight while doing so. The stretch will have an impact on your glute.

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