35 Hilarious Pet Haircuts That Made Animals Look Like People

A compilation of some of the cutest and funniest pet haircuts.

We have all had a bad haircut in life, as we love to experiment with our hair. This is why taking an old photo album out of the drawer is always a chance to get a good laugh!

Yet, it turns out that when animals have human hairdos, they are simply hilarious! They can even feel it- you can see the shame on their faces!

Therefore, we compiled a list of 35 pets with the most questionable hairdos ever, to remind you that you should always think twice before trying to make your pets look like people!

Be prepared- here they come!

1. Older than a decade!

This haircut is out of style for more than ten years, come on!

2. Canine combover

If the owners have managed to make the ear hair stay this way without hairspray, they are heroes!

3. The literal worst

Although he does have a handy built-in sun visor now, this style is just not suitable for anyone!

4. Heads or tails

The cat’s tail actually makes the dog look funny!

5. The eyes have it

Believe me, it is best to let your dog see out of both eyes.

6. You want some pie with that, sugar?

Aww, incredibly cute, but soo bad haircut!

7. Bangs- YES or NO?

Always NO!

8. Pretty (too much)!

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Posted by Peluquería Canina Cris on Monday, February 29, 2016

Dolled up with bows and barrettes!

9. Canine Kate Gosselin

Too human-like for my taste!

10. Little piggy

A tiny and stylish guinea pig with a high ponytail.

11. Quarantine beard

Have you ever thought of grooming your pet’s beard?

12. Poor little piggy

Even he wonders why would anyone trim his hair this way!

13. Precious pup

So sweet and innocent!

14. Dog-hawk

Pretty badass!

15. 80s throwback

Ready for a house party?

16. Updo

Ok, so at least he is prepared for any special occasion now!

17. Pooped out after aerobics


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Rosy-“so mom gave me #bangs and a #ponnytail .what do u think.?” #doghair #doghairstyle

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Oh, this is called volume!

18. Mutt makeover

Well, maybe this is not so bad after all, as the French bob and blunt cut are both “in” right now.

19. Side pony

The dog looks happy, and that’s all that matters!

20. Ribbons and bows

If she likes the accessories and does not chew them, we are happy.

21. Double braid


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This is one way you can keep excess fur out of the way when you don’t want to trim it.

22. Street style

Funny but we love it!

23. Part it down the middle


24. Bun bro

You might not like man buns, but this doggo looks fabulous!

25. Long-haired stunner


26. Mullet madness


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Next haircut idea for noah? #dogmullet

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Can’t stop smiling! Huge!

27. Beach days

It surely isn’t comfortable to have your ears tied back this way.

28. Now with more scrunchie

A combo of all the retro and modern messy hairstyles ever.

29. The pouf

Too much!

30. Big hair


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Big hair- don’t care!

31. Permed pet

Those waves are to die for!

32. The hare’s hair

Aww, incredibly cute!

33. The main mane

Are you jealous?

34. Karen redux

Zelda is a senior pup, so she might be just too old to want to change up her style.

35. Canine elegance


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Hair Goals 2021 #doghair #doghairstyle #dogfashion #doglife #prettydog

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Pure elegance!

I’m afraid we might have inspired you to visit your hairdresser!

Source: animalchannel.co