3 Rare Flowers

33 Photos Of Weird & Rare Flowers That Look Like Something From A Fairytale

Flowers are the most beautiful decorations around us, and they have been considered symbols of love, affection, friendship, beauty, and morality since the beginning of time.

The blossoms of flowers serve as their reproductive organs, and they are developed with the main purpose to attract pollinators, such as birds and insects.

Yet, the countless different flower types with extraordinary shapes and colors have made us, humans, their fans as well.

Nature is incredibly creative, and it never stops to amaze us. Therefore, it has also created some amazing strange-looking flowers, and you will surely find the following collection fascinating:

1. Happy Alien

Scientific Name: Calceolaria uniflora

This mountain plant resembles an alien due to the combination of red, yellow, and white colors. It was originally discovered by Darwin between 1831 and 1836, and can still be found in Tierra del Fuego, South America.

2. Angel Orchid

Scientific Name : Habenaria grandifloriformis

This white flower grows in the grasslands of Southern India.

3. Sara Tree Flower

Scientific Name : Couroupita guianensis

This flower grows in the rain forests of Central and South America.

4. Mirror Orchid

Scientific Name : Ophrys speculum

The petals of this orchid look like a female wasp and attract male wasps.

5. Pink Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Scientific Name : Cypripedium acaule

This flower looks like a lady’s slipper, and it has yellowish-brown to maroon petals and a pink pouch.

6. Dove Orchid

Scientific Name : Peristeria elata

This white flower is also known as Holy Ghost Orchid, and its central parts look like a dove.

7. Monkey Orchid

Scientific Name : Dracula saulii

As its name implies, this flower looks like a monkey’s face. The flower is white on the inside and has a brown band on the outside. It grows only in the cloud forests of Peru and southeastern Ecuador at altitudes of over 3,000 feet.

8. Hooker’s Lips

Scientific Name : Psychotria elata

This flower resembles a pair of lips in its budding stage, and its bright red color is highly attractive to pollinators. Yet, the kissable state of the flower lasts for a few days until the flower opens and shows the little yellow and white flowers within.

9. Ballerina Orchid

Scientific Name : Caladenia melanema

This orchid grows in Australia, and looks the same as a ballerina dancer.

10. White Egret Orchid

Scientific Name : Habenaria radiata

Found in China, Japan, Korea, and Russia, the flowers of this orchid look like the snowy egret bird in flight. They are small, with a width of 4 cm. Also, the white petals resemble a bird’s tail.

11. Naked Man Orchid

Scientific Name : Orchis italica

The lip of this Mediterranean flower looks like a man. It is known to be a potent aphrodisiac, and a natural treatment of diarrhea and flatulence, but it, unfortunately, has a threatened status.

12. Ice cream tulip

Scientific Name : Tulipa icecream

This flower has white petals that form a central cone, and look just like an ice cream cone.

13. Moth Orchid

Scientific Name : Phalaenopsis

This is the most common orchid and is found in Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Southern China, the Indian Subcontinent and Queensland. It looks like a moth in flight.

14. Dancing Girls

Scientific Name : Impatiens bequaertii

It has a small flower and grows in the rain forests of East Africa. It comes in white and pink color.

15. Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid

Scientific Name : Ophrys bombyliflora

Named after the Greek word bombylios, meaning bumblebee, this flower is native to the Mediterranean.

16. Ceropegia

Scientific Name : Ceropegia Haygarthii

The name was derived from the words ‘keros’ meaning wax and ‘pege’ meaning fountain since it looks like a foundation of wax.

17. Jungle Night Flower

Scientific Name : Amorphophallus paeoniifolius

It’s the flower of elephant foot yam or stink lily, a tropical tuber crop grown in Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.

18. Swaddled Babies

Scientific Name : Anguloa uniflora

Commonly found in South Africa, this orchid has flowers that look like babies sleeping in a cradle.

19. Parrot Flower

Scientific Name : Impatiens psittacina

Commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, this flower looks like a flying parrot.

20. Flying Duck Orchid

Scientific Name : Caleana major

This flower grows in Australia, and has a bright purple color.

21. Tiger faced orchid

The center of the orchid looks like the face of a tiger.

22. Jewel Orchid

Scientific Name : Anoectochilus geniculatus

The name of this orchid has been given due to the amazing colors and patterns of the flower.

23. Darth Vader Flower

Scientific Name : Aristolochia salvadorensis

This flower got its name since it looks like the mask of popular Star Wars character Darth Vader.

24. Grey Spider Flower

Scientific Name : Grevillea buxifolia

This flower looks like a grey spider, having yellowish and white petals, with stalks covered in reddish-brown hairs.

25. The Bat Flower

Scientific Name : Tacca Chantrieri

The devilish- looking flower is native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia.

26. Flame Lily

Scientific Name : Gloriosa superba

Also known as fire lily, this flower has yellow and red colored petals.

27. Lily-of-the-Valley Flower

Scientific Name : Convallaria majalis

These fragrant and blooming plants appear in the spring and early summer throughout the northern temperate zone.

28. Bird of Paradise

Scientific Name : Strelitzia reginae

Native to South Africa, this flower is also known as Crane flower.

29. Passiflora Violacea Victoria

Its petals are purple, with a dark center and white filament tips.

30. Paracaleana Nigrita

This flower looks like a flying bird.

31. Jeweled Carpet Flower

The name of the flower has been given due to the magnificent arrangement of petals.

32. Fly Orchid

Scientific Name : Ophrys insectifera

This orchid resembles a fly.

33. Skeleton Flower

Scientific Name : Diphylleia grayi

When dry, the flower is white, but if it makes contact with water, its petals turn crystal clear.