31 Smart Space-Saving Ideas That You’re Going To Love

I bet that you always wish you had an extra room in the apartment! Even if you are living in a house, you still face the same problem as the rest of us: a lack of space.

We all want to have a well-organized and nicely decorated home, but at the same time, dealing with the limited space is always challenging.

Yet, some smart ideas optimize the space in the home and liven up the décor at the same time, like a sliding storage, shelves on doorways, wall built-in dresser, rotating room divider, pulling out kitchen island, using larger furniture and accessories, and vertical indoor garden.

If you have some free time and a wish to use the space you already got a bit more efficiently, here are some amazing interior ideas you can try:

Hover Bunk Beds, compact, classy, and fit two twin/single mattresses.

You can have a dining table when you need it. 

A smart design for spice racks.

I made a walnut lift-top table for our apartment. 

This is my mobile folding miter station.

A corner cabinet. 

We used the extra space between garage doors.

This cute TV-bench that fits nicely in the corner. 

We built extra storage rooms under the staircase.

Right under their bed, they’ll now have a whole playroom!

A closet-style laundry room with storage on the door.

There is enough space for a hobby room above the bed!

A space-efficient bunk-bed style for siblings.

Spice-rack that slides out.

Great for high ceiling rooms.

The nursery, playroom, and closet, designed in one. 

Hanging pockets next to the bed instead of a bedside table. 

Here’s how you can utilize the space under the stair.

Bunk bed that can be moved up and down.

A library with the seats stored in the walls.

An extra bed space.

A bed, AND a dining table! 

Dining room with utensils right under the chair.

This space-efficient restaurant!

A coffee table converted into a comfortable workspace.

A bicycle that can park with its handle sideways!

Triple bed.

You can use the space of your bedrest.

If you don’t roll out of your bed.

Triple bunk bed with extra play space underneath.

Stair drawers.