30 Times Influencers Got Hit Back Hard For Their ‘Exposure’ Offer For Free Things

Influencers are growing in number from day to day, and many of them often dare to disturb business establishments, asking for free accommodation, food, and services in exchange for exposure.

Yet, the entire influencer culture has gotten pretty out of hand. Many influencers have started demanding rather than negotiating.

At times, it seems that anyone with a pretty face and a thousand followers on Instagram believes they’re entitled to free stuff. While many give in and make their wishes come true, many businesses are making a stand against these pseudo-celebrities.

People have started voicing their disapproval both, online and in real life. They maintain that influencers have to adapt their strategies and communication methods in order not to lose potential customers.

These shameless beings do not know limits, so from time to time, business owners decide to expose them and shame them on social media.

Here are 30 times they got hit back hard:

1. Artist counter-offered to allow influencers to prove their popularity.

2. A suggestion by White Banana Beach Club.

3. This influencer got hit hard after making a video about a business rejecting her offer to be a freeloader.

4. Free ice-cream for two days or North Korea.

5. This ice cream owner wanted to adjust the price.

6. Influencer explains how hard it is to work as one at the hotel.

7. A special price for influencers.

8. Fake Guru with 186k followers asks “how hard can it be to code”.

9. Reality cook duo attempts to get free food for exposure.

10. Influencer offers a few posts for free food for 320 guests.

11. Do it for exposure.

12. This influencer tries to charge for free food!

13. Pay her to be her personal trainer.

14. Restaurant thinks they should review normally.

15. Clothing designer found a choosing beggar charging the price of 500k-1m followers with her 8k followers.

16. All she had to do was to wear clothes while the photographer does the work.

17. Lunch in exchange for reviews and pictures.

18. Too many emojis!

19. Yelper thought her 11k followers should’ve been enough to get a discount.

20. Ultra HD photographs on social media for a free menu.

21. An influencer with 55k followers wanted to save thousands of dollars on her wedding photoshoot and even played the cancer card.

22. Accept the promotion or else.

23. Epic fail.

24. Free food in exchange for posts.

25. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills.

26. He wants it free because he has 300+ followers.

27. Bachelorette contestant wants to be a freeloader and labels it ‘Live-in influencer’.

28. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough followers.

29. Maybe I should start paying for working?

30. Likes don’t pay the bills.