30 Reasons You Should Never Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

In the late afternoon, after you had your short siesta and you gave your dog a bath, you prepare to enjoy the evening cuddling with your favorite doggo in the entire world.

Oh, no..wait! It just ran out of the house, frolicking around the place, getting even more muddy and messy than it was before!

But you must agree, it is somehow cuter now!

I know you don’t, but dogs love mud, so getting dirty outside after the rain is an incredible experience for them!

They can get dirty in seconds, making you regret the moment you left them unsupervised in the yard. Yet, there are more kinds of dirty. Sometimes, dog owners doubt if they will ever see their loved pets back to normal again!

Here is the cutest collection of muddy canines whose owners have allowed them to play in the mud:

#1 Before And After Photo

#2 The Party Was Here!

#3 A Real Supermodel

When dogs have enjoyed their playtime outside, they know that the next thing they will face is the bath! However, I believe a warm bath is nothing in comparison to what they had in the mud!

From a canine perspective, mud is an obvious draw, and it must feel good to be covered in the slippery mud, which cools you off in hot weather.

#4 Dandelion Colored Dog

#5 I Had A Mud Bath

#6 Jude And His Hound Dog Puppy “Chicky-Dog” Love Mud

#7 I Love Mud

#8  Alice And Figo Playing Hard

#9  Chocolate Labs

In the end, you have to face it- dogs love mud, and this is not going to change anytime soon. This behavior is a kind of an instinct. While there are no clear reasons why they do it, most dogs love rolling in the mud, and they are certainly not doing it to annoy or offend you.

Yet, to reduce the mud they track into your home, make sure your dog’s hair is short, to stop him from picking up too much dirt, and keep his favorite toys and things around to occupy his time while outside.

#10 Me- Dirty? No Way!

#11 Am I A Good Doggy?

#12 Ran Through The Tall Weeds With Her Velcro Fur!

#13 How Will I Clean The Bath?

#14 Mud Lover

#15  Hippo Ralph

#16 I Love The Mud, But Mommy Doesn’t 

#17  The Only Mud Puddle In The Dog Park

#18 I’m Half Clean

#19 At Least I Had A Good Time

#20 Just Found The Mud Puddle

#21  Playing In The Mud In The Backyard

#22 Is It The Same Dog?

#23 Gabby Found A Mud Hole

#24 His Big Brother Taught Him This

#25  Martha Gets Muddy Too

#26 Don’t You Love Mud Puddles?

#27  Mud Suit

#28 Rare Pupper Enjoying The Mud

#29  Wrigley Enjoyed The Time In The Park Yesterday

#30 Sunday Funday!

These adorable puppies might have woken up someone’s desire to adopt a new pet or volunteer in a shelter.

According to Walter Salvari of the Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, every animal lover can contribute to their local shelter in various ways, as “everyone has different abilities, availability, talents, and resources.”

They can either donate, adopt or foster a pet, volunteer, or donate necessary items on the shelter’s wish list. Sharing stories about pets can contribute as well, and Walter explains that we will all benefit if we take proper care of our own pets, and share our experiences with others.

Walter added that there are no special qualifications to volunteer for the CCSPCA.

He explained:

 “We have tasks ranging from dog walking and animal socialization to cleaning; customer service to office work; community education presenting to fundraising, and assisting with special events.

We have positions for all levels of physical ability and our current volunteers range in age from 8 to 75. People wishing to volunteer need to complete a volunteer application on our website and attend an orientation/training class before beginning. We also accept groups for one-day projects.”

Numerous animal welfare organizations, including the CCSPCA, has a screening process for the ones interested in adopting a pet. Walter added that they investigate if they have had previous experience with the breed.

“We do this to make sure they are breed knowledgeable, and not adopting simply due to the breed being pretty, or for any negative factors. We also like to make sure that if the customer has more than one person living in the household that everyone is in agreement in adopting a pet. We prefer that everyone in the home spends time with the pet to make sure the pet is a good fit in the household.

Lastly, we ask if the customer has dogs at home. We recommend doing meet and greets first with the potential adopters to not have any issues at home with their beloved pet and our shelter animals.”


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