30 Reasons Why 1970s Men’s Fashion Should Never Come Back

Most fashion trends pop out overnight. Trends also disappear overnight. Well, not all of them. It’s funny how the most awkward trends keep coming back year after year.

Some of them need to be buried in the past. I mean, nobody likes to look ridiculous, right?

Let’s be honest. In the 1970s, men’s fashion was terrible. So many wrong choices, so many fashion disasters.

Would your man wear knitted tank top? An animal-print maybe? “Retro” is not always great, and it doesn’t fit everybody. Nobody falls for dodgy mustaches, that’s a sure bet.

The 70s will be remembered as the era of disco music, feminism, pacifism and unique fashion choices. Hip-hugging bell bottom pants? Come on! Let’s hope that some of these won’t come back ever again.