30 Healing Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural, healthy, affordable and tasty ingredient that can be consumed or used in a wide variety of different creams, products and treatments.

In fact, coconut oil is almost certainly one of the most versatile and useful natural ingredients in the world. And in case you thought that was hyperbole, here are 30 different healing ways to use it…


1 Face Cream: Coffee + coconut oil = a great exfoliating cream that also fights inflammation and moisturizes skin.

2 Toothpaste: Combine baking soda with mint and a little salt.

3 Hair conditioner: No need for anything extras – you can use it just as it is and leave it on overnight.

4 Body Butter: Add to a little shea butter to get an even softer and more pleasantly rejuvenating experience.

5 Coffee: Coconut oil in coffee with some unsalted butter is the recipe for the highly popular ‘Bulletproof coffee’.

6 Cooking Oil: Cook with coconut oil instead of other cooking oils for healthier food that’s just as tasty.

7 Shaving Cream: Use it as it is and the razor will glide over your skin.

8 Coffee Creamer: Even if you don’t make ‘bulletproof coffee’, just blending a little oil into your broth will bring the froth!

9 Lip Balm: Highly effective for soft lips.

10 Deodorant: Works as it is, or you can add some baking soda and apply under the arms that way.

11 Cold Sore Soother: Apply to cold sores for pain relief.

12 Mosquito Bite Soother: As above!

13 Furniture Polish: Okay, this one isn’t ‘healing’ but it’s pretty impressive!

14 Ice Cream: Many ice cream recipes include coconut milk. It’s healthy and it’s delicious!

15 Make Up Remover: Coconut oil will help you to get rid of your makeup when applied to a cotton pad.

16 Healthy Pets: Add a little coconut oil to your pets’ food and you’ll give them a health boost!

17 Make Up: Coconut oil removes makeup and it can also be makeup. Add activated charcoal to make your own eyeliner.

18 Baby Lotion: Help keep baby’s skin soft.

19 Pan Greaser: Stops food from sticking without adding unnecessary calories.

20 Massage Oil: Perfect for a romantic evening in.

21 Lubricant: Who knew, coconut oil can also be sexy.

22 After Sun: Coconut oil will sooth your skin after sunburn.

23 Salad Dressing: Instead of olive oil.

24 Popcorn: Popcorn is actually something of a superfood already. Add some coconut oil and you have a surprisingly healthy, guilty-feeling snack.

25 Shampoo: Ad some liquid castile soup and water and you can use it to clean your hair too!

26 Mouthwash: Swill with coconut oil to kill bacteria. It’s called oil pulling!

27 Breath Freshener: This process also freshens breath and fights halitosis!

28 Shoe Polish: Is there anything you can’t do with this stuff?

29 Hand Moisturizer: Keep your hands soft in winter.

30 Cuticle Oil: And make those cuticles and nails healthy while you’re at it!