30 Employees Share How Their Pets Deal With Them Working From Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been advised to or forced to work remotely.

If you are one of those who were used to starting the day in a calm atmosphere at the office, thinking about the following day while looking out from the window, snacking a bit.. or you simply loved the coffee-break with colleagues..Well, don’t look that disappointed. You will not have to say goodbye to all of that.

You will have a loooot of breaks if you have small children at home. Or pets!

Research conducted by standing desk manufacturer Vari.com showed that 40 percent of people who work from home admit they are under pressure and work an extra 1-2 hours per day.

Yet, according to the numerous photos owners shared on social media, pets are obviously ecstatic to have their favorite human at home, all day long!

It is so cute that they would never leave their owners all alone! Ha! These are some of the best times in the workplace, I assume!

Dr. Danielle Bernal, a veterinarian with Wellness Natural Pet Food, gives several tips to help you balance work and family: 

“A walk around the block before the workday starts — paired with activity every few hours while you take a well-deserved break from your computer — will help use up Fido’s energy so that he remains calm in the interim.

Simply playing a quick game of fetch or ‘hall ball’ every few hours is a great way to tire out a pup! If there’s no space to toss a ball inside, even a game of tug-of-war helps get out that extra energy.”

She adds:

“During a period of time when you aren’t chatting with people the same way that you would in an office, talk away to your pets! It’s as good for them as it is for you, especially in a solitary time.”