30 Animals That Look Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Albums Of The Year

Animals are true rock stars, you surely agree. They can brighten up even the most depressing day with their goofy expressions, cuddles, or wet kisses, but they can certainly give us a good laugh too!

They are posers, and they are incredibly good in front of the camera. The following collection shows adorable, funny, entertaining animals preparing for the next year’s Grammys!

They will show you that music is not among the things that separate us from animals!

You know..their hits are ready, and waiting to be released and top all charts, so they are now posing for their long-awaited collection works of art.

Take a look!

1. True legends

2. This looks like a 90s rap album cover

3. I am looking forward to getting their indie rock album!

4. Norwegian black metal band

5. Posing for their debut rap album

6. We are the band!

7. Amazing trio!

8. It’s going to be the hottest mixtape ever

9. Dropping our new album

10. They do electronic rock!

11. Horse duo from Iceland

12. A popular grunge band

13. Emo bunny star

14. We finally completed our band

15. We have been on the scene for years

16. A scene from the video of the newest hit

17. A metal band from Finland

18. Some say we remind them of One Direction

19. Expect our family album this year

20. Emo Duo

21. It’s time for a solo album

22. Country rock band

23. A fantastic choir!

24. We are dropping our summer album soon

25. Aggressive rock chicken band

26. We sing AND dance!

27. Our new video is almost ready! Making of…

28. Top 20 love ballads album cover

29. This duet just signed their contract

30. We are an eco-friendly band