30 Amazing Pics That Show The Unseen Side Of Things

This world is full of magic. Do you know how things really look? They all have one unseen side, and we believe you’d be interested in going through these photos. Tigers have an intricate pattern. It’s much different than anything you’ve seen so far.

1. The heads from Easter Island had their bodies hidden deep inside the soil.

2. Strawberry seeds.

3. The driver in “Baby Driver” is set on top of a real car.

4. Sperm whales don’t have any teeth in the upper jaw. There are just sockets for the teeth in the lower jar.

5. The spine of a dead cactus looks like this!

6. Aurora looks different in every planet.

7. Eclipse on Planet Earth.

8. This starfish has square shape due to a birth defect.

9. NASA took a photo of the dark side of the moon from 1 million miles away.

10. Albino raccoon.

11. Grains of salt through the lens of electron microscope.

12. A globe for blind people made in 1837. It’s one of the first maps made for blind people.

13. Baby flamingos are white.

14. Minerals form inside agate shells, replacing it at the end. This phenomenon is common on the West Coast.

15. A glass frog.

16. Fossilized footprint of a Therapod in The Bull Canyon Dinosaur Track Trail, Utah.

17. An astronaut’s suit. It’s 280 pounds.

18. A tiger’s skin.

19. Ice crystals in Switzerland.

20. It took 1,500 hours for M.A. Schalck and L.P. Ramsdell to dissect a whole nervous system without damaging it. That’s 4 months in case they worked 12 hours a day.

21. Snow cover on the net roof of an aviary in Saint Louis Zoo (1904).

22. A virus from the phages family observed through the lens of an electron microscope.

23. Blood-less heart.

24. Amethyst geode.

25. An 8-year-old has this many microbes on their hand after spending a day in the playground.

26. A salt mine. Slaves did this dangerous job.

27. An elephant’s tail. Elephants use it to keep flies away and talk to each other.

28. An empty Boeing 787, fit for 335 passengers.

29. Reporters wear in-ear receiver and a transmitter for their microphone.

30. Dún Briste or the Broken Fort in Ireland. It was severed from the mainland in 1293. You are looking at a miracle worth 1,000 years.