3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Back Pain & Neck Pain

Professional massage is a great way to deal with stiff neck and back and shoulder pain. But not always you have the time or money to afford being massaged by a professional

Physiotherapist Nadia Perez, from Los Angeles, recommends the three following simple techniques for self-massaging. These techniques can help in such situations, and are simple to practice.


1. Self-Massaging Your Neck

This technique is recommended in situations where you have severe pain in the neck and you cannot turn your head to the side. All you need is a yoga cube or harder sponge and a tennis ball.

Take the yoga cube in one hand and the ball in the other. Stand one foot away from the wall, while facing it, and throw your left leg back. Hold the cube against the wall, before your right shoulder and place the ball between the cube and your neck’s curve. Slowly press your body against the wall. Then repeat the exercise on the other side of the neck.

2. Self-Massaging The Upper Part of Your Back

Pain in the neck is often associated with back pain. So when we are massaging the neck, it is recommended to massage your back, whether you feel pain in it or not. Stand with your back facing the wall.

Place the tennis ball between the top of the right shoulder and spine and lean your body to the wall. Make a circular motion with your hand in order to massage the internal muscles as well.

3. Stretching The Neck And Chest

Continuous usage of mobile phones, computers and improper sleeping are forcing us to pull our neck forward which leads to stiffness and pain in the body. Therefore occasionally we need to stretch the neck and back.

Stand with your hands placed behind your back and lift your head slowly in order to stretch your whole body and neck. While you are doing this remember not to relax your stomach. Hold the spine in a neutral position. Hold the body in this position from 20 to 30 seconds.