25 People Shared Amazing Hotel Hacks To Improve Your Stay When You Travel

A piece of good advice when truly needed is precious! Usually, before visiting a new place, people need to hear a word or two about the hotel they intend to stay in, places worth-seeing, tips about good restaurants, cheap souvenirs, and so on.

Also, people can often end up in a hotel that is less than they expected, so some individuals have come up with innovative ideas to improve their stay there!

It all started several years ago when a person shared the hotel hack that helped him get rid of the annoying gap between the curtains with the help of the clips of a hanger.

Several months ago, Twitter user and venture capitalist, Rick Klau, re-shared it, admitting that he learned it on Twitter, and thus sparkled a super-handy, and entertaining, thread of replies.

Some women even jumped in to inform the public that they knew the trick for a long time, and shared images of their curtains shut with the use of hair clips.

Regardless, the tricks that followed are game-, and they even impressed Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk!

The following life hacks and tricks are excellent in case you end up in a bad hotel, and will be of great help whenever you travel: