22 Times People Found Treasure From Thrift Store

Do you remember when, as a child, you dreamed of finding a lost treasure while diving in the sea, or a valuable old necklace while playing in the park? Well, these things do happen, folks, but in most cases, when you have already grown up. In thrift shops.

Many people who have given a chance to thrift stores have been lucky enough to find many valuable things that look great for a small amount of money.

Ever since the release of Macklemore’s song, “Thrift Shop,” this kind of shopping has become a popular way to save money.

What’s more, many people maintain that going to a thrift shop is one of the most fun things they can do for a few dollars. They can spend a lot of time while going through stuff like old books, vintage clothes, jewelry, and furniture!

Many people have started calling their habit of thrift store shopping different names—“thrifting,” “thrift hauling” and “Goodwill hunting”.

Thrifting lovers have even started many Facebook groups where they post whenever they find an interesting second-hand item or have done a fantastic deal.

There is even an interesting saying:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. “

After you see the photos below, we believe you won’t think twice before you enter one of them!

1. After she broke up with her boyfriend ten years ago, she was sad she left her vintage apple necklace at his place. Yet, after all this time and 700 miles later, she finally found it at an antique store!

2. After I bought a hardcover version of my favorite book from Value Village, I found this. And I just paid $5 for it.

3. I found this engagement ring in the jewelry section and bought it for $2. The jeweler confirms it has genuine diamond and sapphire.

4. I bought this 3-piece suit worth $1,700 for only $20.

5. I purchased this amazing dress for a special event for $9 from my favorite charity shop.

6. I found a camera that once belonged to a soldier of WW1 and it had undeveloped Verichrome film.

7. For $20 from Goodwill, I bought a Loewe ‘puzzle’ bag worth $2,590 

8. When I opened the piggy bank that I bought for $7, I found $170 inside.

9. I bought my wedding dress for $64 and will just add a bit of personal touch to it. 

10. I paid $1.99 to get this old copy of ‘The Shining’ with Stephen King’s autograph and picture!

11. I now have a vintage gown that looks similar to Marilyn Monroe’s lamé dress.

12. During a house clearance sale, I paid $5 for this ‘costume jewelry’, but I didn’t know that it made of gold (unmarked) with diamonds and sapphires.

13. For $15, I bought three designer blazers.

14. A gorgeous painting for $10 only.

15. A vintage, heavily beaded, seashell purse for only $5.

16. In the box, I got a new vintage strawberry salt-n-pepper shaker.

17. I paid $6 and got this jacket with $5 in its pocket. 

18. Believe it or not, I bought $12 for a 100% genuine wool, Ralph Lauren’s long coat.

19. I bought myself a Harry Potter wand for only $1.78.

20. One skein costs $.5, but I now have 700 of them for only $5 from a thrift store.

21. A vintage wedding dress sold for $3.

22. I was told this was a green amethyst and bought the ring for $42. Yet, an appraiser revealed that it is actually a genuine green diamond, the rarest natural colored diamond, worth over $8,000.