22 People Who Completely Nailed Their Halloween Costumes

Traditionally, Halloween costumes were meant to be worn so that the ghosts and spirits wouldn’t recognize you and cause you no harm.

They are more of a fun tradition today when we can choose to be someone else, at least for a day. Back then, the disguise was more about ghosts and witches, but now you can become your favorite movie character, an animal, an object, and whatever you can think of.

The freedom, while exciting, can be overwhelming when it comes time to pick out a costume for Halloween parties.

Just a few days before Halloween, you probably already have your costume figured out, and we believe you have ditched the idea to cut out a few holes in a white sheet and go as a ghost.

There are various homemade costume ideas online, that range in price, theme, and crafting ability, but you can find some pretty amazing elevated versions of what you already have hanging in your closet. Such last-minute looks require minimal effort and materials, and you will bring color, puns, and pop culture to the party.

Nowadays, you do not even have to be that creative, as the local retail shops and eBay sell all you need.

Yet, some people decide to be totally different from others, and they want the entire family to fit in the unique frame!

Scroll through to find 22 photos of Halloween costumed that definitely deserve awards for love and creativity:

1. Grandpa dressed up as the grumpy old man from ‘Up’, and his dog took a part as well.

2. Run, Frodo, run.

3. The Royal Family!

4. This baby threatens toddlers and other thumb-sucking innocents to float.

5. This man and his portal.

6. Baby as a grandma.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy and their baby Groot!

8. ‘The Dude and Walter’.

9. Christmas is closing in, so ‘Home Alone’!

10. She’s enjoying the throne.

11. True nightmare of those who haven’t unlocked that character from the game.

12. Harry Potter Theme, and they happen to be growing a mandrake.

13. Daughter dressed up as Maleficent.

14. This family is serious about the Halloween party.

15. The crazy cat lady is out!

16. Just being himself.

17. A French Kiss

18. That smile can conquer the world, kiddo.

19. This sister is serious about Halloween and the pup that shows pure concern.

20. This baby is becoming viral as he can even walk.

21. Brutal indeed.

22. This Halloween, he will be everyone’s favorite neighbor.