22 Hilariously Failed Attempts By Women To Be Pretty

Even evidence suggests that we have very good reason to worry about our looks. Scientists have found that people deemed beautiful have certain advantages in life.

It all starts early, when cute babies receive more attention from caregivers in comparison to more ordinary- looking babies. Beautiful children are their teachers’ favorites, and good-looking people seem to get ahead in the workplace and earn more. 

Everyone wants to be beautiful, but it seems that in the last few decades, it has become much more important than ever.

Therefore, there are numerous celebrities and influencers who share their pieces of advice on makeup, exercise, fashion, and trends online, and one can find millions of YouTube tutorials by professional people from around the world, teaching us how to dye our hair, do manicure, use makeup, and so on.

For anyone involved in the makeup and beauty sector, social media are the ideal outlet to promote their brand. The keys to success of the numerous influencers have been showing off successful makeup applications, establishing makeup trends, sharing reviews, and creating how-to’s.

Their pages are filled with videos showcasing people applying their makeup, product plugs, occasional fashion advice, and more.  However, learning to make things on your own at home can often go in the wrong direction, as the following posts show:

1. To keep the heat in when bleaching her hair, a girl used a Walmart bag.

2. She cried after a spray tan, and she will do it again soon.

3. Making a turmeric face mask at home without doing any research can leave you looking like Bart Simpson.

4. Some lassies face has left a full imprint on the back seat in the taxi.

5. A huge difference: Your expectation vs. reality.

6. After a bath.

7. She wanted layers.

8. She’s wearing silver eye-shadow.

9. The result of a spray tan and a hairnet too low on the forehead.

10. An anxiety attack: ripping nail polish off.

11. She forgot she had a lipstick swatch on the hand and rubbed her eye.

12. Brow wig goes wrong.

13. Professional artist says it is similar.

14. There’s a reason why we visit professionals.

15. A little bit of volume.

16. She accidentally dyed her hair orange and then accidentally dressed like a bag of oranges.

17. Best Halloween makeup to date.

18. Do not follow tutorials in this way.

19. Accidentally just dyed her eyebrows red just before auditions.

20. Another expectation vs. reality.

21. You can highlight in this way as well.

22. How to not use magnetic eyelashes.