21 Positivity Quotes to Help You Beat Depression

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life, but if emotions like hopelessness and despair just won’t go away, you may have depression, and you are not alone.

According to mental health statistics, over 17 million adults in the United States suffer from depression.

Depression can determine the way you feel, think, and act, and it destabilizes your psychological state. It can interfere with your ability to work, study, eat, sleep, and enjoy life. Sometimes, just trying to get through the day can be overwhelming.

Millions of people struggle with depression, and they all face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles. This disorder makes every day different, and it drains the energy, leaving a feeling of emptiness, low self-esteem, dwindling excitement, and causing sleep disturbances and fatigue.

Due to the symptoms it creates, this devious disorder can discourage you from completing the actions or seeking help to begin your recovery.

It is very important to remember that it is not easy to face depression and fight with it on a daily basis, but it is very common and highly treatable.

There are small steps you can take to help you regain control and improve your overall sense of well-being. Read on to find some useful inspirational quotes that will help you in your low moments:

1. “Each Morning We Are Born Again. What We Do Today Is What Matters Most.” -- Budha

Forget your past and your worries. Each day is a new chance to succeed.

2. “Smile, Breathe And Go slowly.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Give yourself space to face your challenge slowly.

3. “You Don’t Have To Control Your Thoughts, You Just Have To Stop Letting Them Control You.” — Dan Millman

You need to learn to release your thoughts before they are too deep to control you and cause anxiety.

4. “The Wan Who Moves A Mountain Begins By Carrying Away Small Stones.” -- Confucius

You can take small steps, and still achieve huge things. Start small, and you will gradually be stronger to fight your depression.

5. “Start By Doing What’s Necessary, Then Do What’s Possible, And Suddenly You Are Doing The Impossible.” -- Saint Francis of Assisi

Take it slow, and you will overcome the challenge as you progress.

6. “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Albert Einstein

Keep your hope alive, live the present moment, and learn the lessons from your past.

7. “There Are Far, Far Better Things Ahead Than Anything We Leave Behind.” -- C. S. Lewis

You need to focus on a better future, without dwelling into your past. Believe in a bright tomorrow.

8. “Believe In Yourself And All That You Are. Know That There Is Something Inside Of You That Is Greater Than Any Obstacle.” -- Christian D. Larson

The first step is to accept yourself. Self-believe can give you the bravery to move forward.

9. “The Most Beautiful People We Have Known Are Those Who Have Known Trials, Have Known Struggles, Have Known Loss, And Have Found Their Way Out Of The Depths.” -- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

We all fight our secret battles, so don’t be afraid when you feel weak, but gather strength and carry on.

10. “You Are Not Your Illness” -- Julian Seifter

You should accept depression, but realize you are far more than it, and it does not define your personality.

11. “You Don’t Have To Live A Lie. Living A Lie Will Mess You Up. It Will Send You Into Depression. It Will Warp Your Values. ” -- Gilbert Baker

Don’t try to hide your problem and fake your lifestyle, but stay true to your values.

12. “If You Want To Conquer The Anxiety Of Life Live In The Moment Live In The Breath.” -- Amit Ray

Unless you are ready to let go of the past, you are not prepared to fight the causes of your depression.

13. “You Yourself, As Much As Anybody In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love And Affection” -- Buddha

Love yourself, it is the first step towards accepting and overcoming the problem.

14. “Never Confuse A Single Defeat With A Final Defeat” -- Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Do not get discouraged, a single setback should not stop you from struggling to fight depression.

15. “The Pupil Dilates In Darkness And In The End Finds Light, Just As The Soul Dilates In Misfortune And In The End Finds God.” -Victor Hugo

Always struggle to find positivity, even in your worst days, and remind yourself that every cloud has a silver lining.

16. “Our Greatest Glory Is Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall” -- Confucius

Be resilient, find strength to recover, and keep fighting.

17. “Noble Deeds And Hot Baths Are The Best Cures For Depression.” -- Dodie Smith 

Find time to give back to society, and these deeds will help you feel better. And never forget to enjoy some time just for yourself.

18. “Concern Should Drive Us Into Action And Not Into A Depression. No Man Is free Who Cannot Control Himself.” -- Pythagoras

Do not let your worried or puzzled mind determine your actions.

19. “There Is Hope Even When Your Brain Tells You There Isn’t” -- John Green.

Hope that you will feel better tomorrow, and you surely will.

20. “You’re Like A Grey Sky. You’re Beautiful, Even Though You Don’t Want To Be” -- Jasmine Warga

Remember your self-worth.

21.  “Life Is Ten Percent What You Experience And Ninety Percent How You Respond To It.” —Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

You decide the extent to which your experiences affect your life.

Everyone finds it hard to deal with sadness. This is not because of the pain it causes, but it is mostly due to the factors that caused the sadness in the first place. Sadness can be caused by loss, helplessness, or disappointment, among many other things.

Nevertheless, sadness is one of the most common and natural human emotions, and it will ultimately help us appreciate our happy times.

Also, while suppressing the feelings and emotions may seem like a strategic way to cope with the negative symptoms of depression, you should know that this practice is actually unhealthy.

Let yourself feel the emotions, but don’t stay there. Your mood today, and the emotions you fight with today, do not belong to tomorrow, so do not drag them there.

Instead, get out of bed, and accomplish your goals. In case you are not strong enough today, remember that you haven’t lost tomorrow’s opportunity to try again.