21 Health Tricks To Teach Your Body

8.  Experience Supersonic Hearing

You are on a cocktail party, and there is this mumbler talking to you. What can you do? According to the researchers at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, leaning in with your right ear should help, as it is better than your left at following the rapid rhythm of speech.

But, if you are trying to listen to your favorite song that plays in the elevator, turn your left ear toward the sound. Why? Your left ear picks up music tones better than your right ear.

9. Prevent Near-Sightedness

Genetics is not always responsible for the poor distance vision, explains Anne Barber, O.D., an optometrist in Tacoma, Washington. “It’s usually caused by near-point stress.” For example, working on your computer for too long. Flex your way to 20/20 vision. Introduce some changes to your daily routines.

Every few hours during the active part of your day, close your eyes, tense the body, take a deep breath. After a few seconds, release your breath and muscles at the same time. This tightening and releasing technique that involves your biceps and glutes can relax the involuntary muscles like your eyes.

10. Cure Burns

If you singe your finger on the stove, do not run for the ice compress in your fridge. Just clean the skin and apply light pressure with the finger pads of your other hand. Yes, Dr. DeStefano says that ice would sure relieve the pain more quickly, but our method will bring the burned area back to a normal temperature, so you will not get any blisters.

11. Cure Toothache

Rub some ice on the back of your hand, on the V-shaped area between the thumb and the index finger. The results of a Canadian study showed that this method relieves toothache by 50 percent when compared to the technique that does not involve.

How is your hand connected to the pain you feel? The nerve pathways in the V area stimulate the part of your brain that blocks the pain signals from the face and hands.

12. Unstitch Your Side

When running, most people people exhale as their right foot hits the ground. According to The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men this pressures your liver, located on your right side, which tugs at the diaphragm, creating a side stitch. What should you do? Exhale when your left leg hits the ground.

13. Encode Long-Term Memory

Pay special attention to this one -- your own memory! “If you’re giving a speech the next day, review it before falling asleep,” explains Candi Heimgartner, an instructor of biological sciences at the University of Idaho. Anything you read before you go to bed is more likely to encode as a long-term memory, as most memory consolidation happens while you are sleeping.

14. Clean Stuffed Nose

You do not need Sudafed. Lisa DeStefano, D.O., an assistant professor at the Michigan State University college of osteopathic medicine offers an easier, quicker and cheaper remedy that will relieve any sinus pressure.

Thrust your tongue against the roof of your mouth, then apply some pressure between your eyebrows using one finger. In this way the vomer bone will rock back and forth. This bone runs through the nasal passages to the mouth. The motion will loosen the congestion, and within 20 seconds your sinuses will start to drain.

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