21 Day Anti – Anxiety Challenge

We all experience stress, tension, and anxiety at times. Yet, they can impact all segments in life, and change the way we feel, think, and live our life.

Anxiety, or extreme apprehension and worry, is a normal reaction to stress, but when it becomes excessive or chronic, it can lead to serious issues and interfere with everyday life. 

Researchers have found that both biology and environment can contribute to the disorder. It is typified by exaggerated worries and expectations of negative outcomes in unknown situations, and these concerns are often accompanied by physical symptoms, like headaches, muscle tension, stomach cramps, and frequent urination.

However, anxiety and stress can be dealt with in a natural way before one turns to medications.

Helpful habits include exercising, sleeping well, and limiting the amount of caffeine and alcohol consumed, and strategies like taking deep breaths, pushing back against anxious or irrational thoughts, acknowledging limits to fully controlling situations, and observing the circumstances that tend to produce anxiety lower anxiety.

Despite detecting the main triggers of your anxiety, it is also vital to start believing that everything starts and ends within you.

If you are determined to spend the next three weeks practicing and taking time to deeply love yourself, you will learn to naturally calm your mind, and prevent stress and anxiety. Try to find comfort in the following activities, and they will be useful tools in the fight against anxiety:

21 Day Anxiety Challenge

Week 1:

Journal – Start a diary where you will write all things and thoughts during this challenge on a daily basis. Instead of retaining all the information in the mind, write it down on paper. You can also write all the things that you are grateful for, and why.

Start With Making A Daily Mantra –use your daily mantra to remind you of your passions, of things and people that make you happy, and of your goals in life. 

Create a goal to achieve during the next 21 days – Make sure you map put clear goals that you would be thrilled to achieve, like losing weight, passing an exam, or connect to an old friend.

Meditate –  Meditation heals the body and mind, and relieves stress. It will relax you and help you focus on positive thoughts. 

Deep Breathing – Deep breathing is especially useful in the case of anxiety attacks. Slowly breathe in and out, holding the breath for a few seconds after each inhale, and repeat for 10 minutes.

Week 2:

Get Organized – To prevent last-minute stressors, make sure you organize your days ahead, and plan our all the major events, appointments, and tasks you need to finish.  In this way, you will also have more time to do things you enjoy.

Stay Hydrated – Make sure you are always properly hydrated, in order to prevent irritability, tiredness, and feeling sluggish.

Evaluate Your Priorities – You need to set your priorities and focus on things that move you forward.

Color Coloring has been found to be a great way to relieve stress and calm nerves.

Week 3:

Take A Social Media Break – Taking a break from social media will be much more beneficial than you think. You will eliminate stressors you never realized were attached to your digital devices.

Connect With People – Connect with people, and enjoy the time spend with someone that brings you joy, loves you, and respects you. 

Get Outside – Spend time in nature and get some fresh air, in order to calm your mind, and ease your nerves.

Sauna, Or Hot Bath with Essential Oils – A detox bath is a great way to relax and relieve stress.

These small things done consistently will teach you how to start loving yourself, and deal with stress and anxiety. You will start enjoying simple things in life, and you will successfully push the worries side.

In 21 days, you will be a different person, but do not stop there! Heal your life on your own!