20 Ways Garlic Can Change Your Life

Garlic has an intoxicating flavor that instantly makes everything it is added to feel better. From sauces to pizza and from pasta dishes to hummus, there are so many things that hummus tastes great in.
However, it’s not just the flavor that is so good about garlic: It also has some pretty impressive benefits on your health. Here are 20 ways that garlic can benefit your life forever:

  1. Clearing out hardened arteries. As you age, your arteries lose their ability to stretch and flex. As a result, the arteries can harden and become clogged. Garlic can possibly help to reduce this problem.
  2. Research has shown that garlic can reduce the risk of developing colon and rectal cancers. Taking high doses of garlic extract on a daily basis for a 12 month period can reduce the risk of new tumor developing.
  3. There has been evidence that has linked garlic to effectively reducing the risk of developing stomach cancer. However, it should be noted that taking it doesn’t always reduce the risk.
  4. Garlic can reduce high blood pressure. There has been some research that indicates that garlic can lower blood pressure by as much as 8 percent.
  5. Garlic can also help to prevent tick bites. In one study, people who consumed high amounts of garlic over a 5 month period were less likely to be bitten by ticks.
  6. Applying a gel that contains ajoene, a chemical that is found in garlic, to ringworm can help to treat this fungal infection.
  7. It can help to ease athlete’s foot. Apply a gel that contains ajoene to a foot that is infected with the bacteria and you can reduce the symptoms, including the itch and the burn.
  8. Ajoene, that special compound in garlic, can also be used to treat jock itch.
  9. Garlic can help to boost the libido. It has been found that garlic has an aphrodisiac quality that can boost the libido in both men and women.
  10. Controls asthma. Eating 3 roasted garlic cloves can help to ease an attack when it comes on.
  11. Treats acne. Create a mixture of garlic, honey, turmeric and cream of tartar and apply it to your skin to clear acne.
  12. It fights colds. Just eat 2 crushed, raw cloves of garlic when a cold comes on and the symptoms will subside.
  13. Treat scrapes and cuts. Apply water that has been infused with garlic to treat a wound.
  14. If you have diarrhea, ingest garlic. It helps to destroy the harmful bacteria that causes diarrhea.
  15. It eases earaches. Put a few drops in a sore ear.
  16. Eating garlic can help to ease an infection in the eye.
  17. It can ease the side effects of diabetes.
  18. It helps to boost the immune system when consumed on a regular basis.
  19. It helps to reduce the itchiness of insect bites.
  20. If you have a tooth ache, eat some garlic and it will subside.