20 Surprising Finds People Don’t Know Their Purpose Of, But The Internet Knows

Time always brings about changes, so new generations can often find themselves confused when encountering a weird, “old-fashioned” device.

While we cannot ignore the harmful effects of the Internet, we must also value the positive things about it. On the Internet, one can find answers to millions of questions.

When people started developing various tools to ease their life, even the tiniest details of them had a purpose, and nothing was added by accident or for flare. Nothing was abstract, and everything was intentional.

Nowadays, there are surely many features on things that you use daily, that you probably never even noticed. Yet, these things aren’t always just for show and they all have an intended purpose, even though you might not understand it from a present point of view.

Have you ever seen a tool or a washed-up object that you have no idea what it serves for?

If you have, we have compiled a list of such strange objects that you probably do not know the purpose of:

1. In an assisted living facility, this clock can help rotate sleeping patients according to the direction to avoid bedsores.

2. This is pachinko, a sort of an old slot machine with pinball mechanisms, found in Japanese breweries. 

3. The circular metals installed along the chair to prevent skateboard grinding on the edges.

4. A one-man bomb shelter from WWII in the middle of a forest.

5. It is a violin case.

6. The wall-less buildings are nesting barns for swallows.

7. A clip-on shoe light to protect night runners from being run over.

8. These are wads from shotgun shells that separate the powder and projectiles. 

9. An antique copper and brass machine used for knitting socks. 

10. On the beach of the Olympic Peninsula, these are squid eggs.

11. This is a ‘rain chain’, an alternative of a downspout for the gutter system.

12. A pair of nips for cutting sugar when they were sold in large cones.

13. This was used by Ford Ranger 1998, ATT to store keys that have groups of vehicles keyed alike. Employees have the keys to unlock and the key to the truck.

14. This is a ‘urinal’ in a Brauhaus bathroom in Cologne, Germany, used for vomiting.

15. A portable men’s urinal when they’re bedbound.

16. An antique needle case.

17. The big holes in milk cartons prevent the cartoon from bursting if dropped. This cap will pop out from the measure instead.

18. This is a key that opens the dog door when the dog comes.

19. It is a Yakstrax, and it goes over shoes to give them grip while walking on ice.

20. It is used to prevent things from getting caught on the small gap at the side.